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and we are going to debate whether or not this is a good or bad thing coming up and show some pictures. >> dave: my car is a buffet and day care center on wheels. >> clayton we will going to do this in a half hour. >> dave: it is gross. >> clayton if you have pictures of your cars overtaken by your kids, send them to us. >> dave: anyway, we'll talk about that later on. we start with politics, as you know, it's been on the campaign trail, the obama campaign going right after mitt romney, of course, and mentioning that they thought he could have committed a felony in regard to his time at bain capital when he left to run the olympics. the president on saturday staying on the attack in virginia and again going after mitt romney. >> alisyn: then it was interesting to hear the president spokesperson yesterday say this goal for the campaign. here is a quote, of course the
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president wants to have a high brow debate about these policy issues and what the american people actually care about. that's from general. you know, of course, people on the other side of just laughing about this, because how high brow is it to go for the felony charge of your opponent? >> a swiss bank account, or bermuda business or whatever. >> alisyn: of course the president would say these are all important things to raise, the american public needs to know, if somehow their prospective presidential candidate is misleading them, but it's not exactly a high brow debate, if that's what they want to-- >> by no means. >> clayton exactly what i was going to say, reminds me of 2004 shall the swift boat still summer definition. i'm quoting their phrases. the smr of-- no, that's not-- >> work on this. >> clayton and after four hours on the show the audience
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can help me. the defining summer. ap mitt romney hasn't been able to define himself. and that's an exactly what they did to john kerry and by the time he got around to it, it was too late. >> alisyn: and the president running on his own record, hitting back at his opponent and the high brow issues. >> dave: high brow issues like outsourcing. >> mr. romney's got a different idea, you know, he invested in companies that have been called pioneers of that sort. i don't want a pioneer in outsourcing. i want some insourcing. >> dave: that of course is not happening in a lot of the administration, if you want to look at the fact a lot of biggest corporations in the
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united states under the obama watch have hired a lot more outside of the united states and if you want to look at outsourcing, companies he's accusing romney of investing in, that was while he was running the olympics. >> clayton and a spokesperson for the romney campaign, president obama continues it talk about both sides of his mouth and lamenting ads and his campaign is running a dishonest campaign, and deserve the truth and better from their president. >> alisyn: no wonder people are tuning out. this is where the season tot for tat, however, what mitt romney said in fact, oh, sorry, what the president said is that mitt romney is on the attack and mitt romney says that the president is on the attack and it sounds like actually both of them are attacking. >> clayton like an abbott and
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costello routine. >> alisyn: who is on truth. the president outspent mitt romney on attack ads and-- hit hard. >> alisyn: he has aired millions of dollars worth of ads. here is the president speaking out about those attack ads. >> got a very simple message, you know what? the economy is not working, and it's obama's fault. that's their only message. they'll have variations on the theme, but it's the same thi thing. >> clayton they talked about, dave talked about the attack ads and he talked about colorado, virginia, ohio if you drive through the states you're going to be inundated with the ads. if you're living in a state trending blue, probably not seeing as many ads. and republicans don't think that mitt romney has been effective in his messages and defensive enough and fiery enough. scott walk down there at the governor's convention in
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virginia talking about this, basically saying, that the president's team desperately does not want to run on his record, so, they are desperately trying to have it about anything other than his record. mitt has got to be forceful about forceful and fighting back. >> alisyn: he went further than that and not just fighting back, how it's time for mitt romney to articulate what his plan is. you can't just be on the attack and that's the-- >> that's the wall street article two weeks ago, for romney to put 0 ut an economic plan and a health care mrap besides saying that obama got us into this mess. >> dave: it's a big week for romney. you look potential for the vice-presidential selection week, if there were signals that that's pending and coming soon and maybe that's when you start to craft that narrative and that message and energize the party. we shall see. >> alisyn: and we have some headlines for you. >> dave: good. >> alisyn: right now. it's actually a fox news
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alert. two americansen being held hostage in egypt. one is a 61-year-old mitchell lewis, a pastor from the boston area, in egypt on a missionary trip. the family says he could be in grave danger if he's not released soon. >> we know that the god that we serve is in the control of the matter. the only concern that we have at the moment is that he is diabetic and so as long as they hold him, i want to assume that-- >> and a 39-year-old massachusetts woman and local tour guide travelling with pastor lewis were also kidnapped and their abductor threatening to keep them captive unless his uncle is released from prison and he may take more hostages if his demands are not met. after 24 years on the run one of america's most wanted fugitives is brought to justice. vincent walter caught in new
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mexico, and working at cancun international airport where he reportedly bragged about being a fugitive. murder, drug and weapons charges and awaiting extradition to the u.s. florida republican governor rick scott calls a voting victory and granting the state access to a federal data base of illegal immigrants living in the area. something florida election officials will use to monitor and catch non-citizens trying to vote. the obama administration has denied the request for the data base and gave in after the judge ruled in the state's favor. colorado and other states asking for similar access before november. the london city council giving bruce springsteen fans something to twist and shout about. ♪ ♪ twist and shout, twist and shout ♪ >> well, that cell phone video shows what many music fans consider a dream concert,
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bruce spinning springsteen teamed up with paul mccartney and minutes after this video, they shut down the audio, and the cut off. they were disappointed and dreamed to sharing the page with paul mccartney for years. >> and i see former beatle mccartney and shut it down. >> isn't it like 5 a.m. >> alisyn: i was in london. >> rick: the bars close at midnight. >> alisyn: what. >> clayton your field research. >> rick: they do, it's very early. and for a bruce springsteen concert. >> dave: bars do, but clubs do not. >> he won't get off the stage. >> the weather, buddy. >> rick: almost everybody into
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the 60's and 70's, get ready the humidity is on the rise. a sticky next number of days east of the rockies or the high plains. so, more houment, temps on the rise and talking about the drought and look how much of the country is in drought. three different spots that have extreme drought. much of the four corners in around parts of that mississippi reserve valley and georgia. we are going to be getting rain across some of these areas, but the majority of the rain is going to fall the next few days is right exactly here in the path where we don't need as much rain. we still need it, but not as badly as we do just kind of to the west of it and the east of it. unfortunately that's not where the rain is falling. we continue to see more for the day and the scattered summer garden variety thunderstorms and monsoonal moisture across the west as well and we will track another heatwave we're dealing with, including areas of the mid atlantic and northeast of your day tomorrow, and tuesday and
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wednesday. >> thanks, rick, and happy we didn't say it they top of the show, happy cost of government day. that's july 15th, the day that the average american must work until, follow us here, you start january 1st working, up until today is how much the average american must work to pay the government in taxes. the rest of the year, that's money you keep. >> dave: their fair share of government taxes, federal, state and local. >> clayton it's broken down on the screen. federal, state and local spending, 88 days you would have paid your federal money, and tax. >> you add those up. 197 days, which is today. july 15th. so it's happy government, cost of government day. what did you guys get me to celebrate? did you get me anything? >> we're out of money. here is why. and here is why we didn't get
6:11 am
anything. i live in connecticut we don't celebrate this until august 9th. our taxes are so high, we have to wait three more, almost four more weeks. >> alisyn: why didn't you mention this to me, dave. >> dave: and if you moved to tennessee you could have celebrated in june, their taxes are lower. >> clayton i live in jersey, i was able to celebrate back in february. >> alisyn: impossible. >> clayton let us know how you're celebrating today. coming up on the show, attorney general eric holder vowing to keep up the ballot fight, does it hold any water as relates to voter i.d. laws in texas? we'll take a historic look back next. >> alisyn: and then caught on camera, where this tornado touched down. ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," whether taking texas to federal court over the new photo i.d. requirement or challenging attempts to curb voter fraud in florida attorney general eric holder says he's not backing down. >> this justice department's efforts to uphold and enforce voting rights will remain aggressive. [applause]. and in fact, i have every expectation it will continue to be effective. articles of american history has always moved toward expanding the electorate. it's what made this nation exceptional. we will simply not allow this era to be the beginning of the reversal of that historic project. >> history. let's put that in protect. joining us now is presidential historian, nick, great to see you as always. >> great to see you, clayton.
6:16 am
>> he says historically we've expanded the electorate in the united states of america, and do you disagree with that or do you agree? >> well, he's right. directionally we have. in 1965 lbj the voting rights act companion to the civil rights act which created a situation where southern states can no longer disenfran african-american voters. in the last 30 years it has expanded, but the last five or six years states have tried to crack down on fraud, a really big issue and attorney general holder is confusing those two issues. >> that's interesting, his point is that when you enact these voter i.d. laws that you're going to keep voters away from the polls, therefore, you wouldn't be exhibit panning the electorate, but we have some historical context. i want you to take us back in georgia in 2006 when they
6:17 am
instituted their own voter i.d. law. >> exact the opposite happened. in 2006 they did a voter i.d. law and what they saw was increased turnout, pre-and post, and from 2004 to 2008 turnout dramatically increased among minority voters. some would say that's due to president obama. if you look at the congressional elections pre and post, increased as well, 2006 to 2010. that's not to say between the law and it didn't suppress turnout which attorney general holder claimed was the case. >> clayton and made the case in the argument to the naacp, that this voter i.d. law in texas he likened it to southern poll taxes. if our audience doesn't know,
6:18 am
it's taxes to vote. would you say it's accurate? >> it's a difficult argument. the 1965 voting rights act tried to do away with poll taxes, litry taxes and even grandfather clausesment a lot of states have photo i.d. laws and there are lots of different i.d.'s from photo i.d.'s to passports and what not. you're trying to crack down on fraud. we've seen increase in fraud and most people aren't aware, in a lot of states you don't need a form of i.d. other than a registration card and most show that voter support. some form of voter i.d. to prevent fraud. so i think the attorney general is looking at the issue differently than 1964 and 1965 e. >> clayton i misspoke, he didn't say that to the naacp, he said that in arizona last week. correction on that. thanks for correcting the record. department of health and human
6:19 am
services wants to strip the welfare program of the work requirement. would it make it easier for people to not work. and is disgraced new york congressman anthony weiner back into politics? the new details out this morning on his potential next race. ♪ [ male announcer ] ok, so you're no marathon man. but thanks to the htc one x from at&t, with its built in beats audio, every note sounds amazingly clear. ...making it easy to get lost in the music... and, well... rio vista?!! [ male announcer ] ...lost. introducing the musically enhanced htc one x from at&t. rethink possible.
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>> the department of health and human services could be dutting welfare reform saying it may strip the program of its strict work requirements. many g.o.p. are outrage. tommy thompson warns of a brewing legal battle as a result. >> the secretary of health and human services, acted outside the scope of the authority of the law and i think it's a mistake and i think that
6:23 am
somebody is definitely going to bring a lawsuit and if somebody else isn't, i will. >> alisyn: will this proposed plan actually make it easier for people to not work? joining us is republican study committee chairman ohio congressman jim jordan. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn. >> alisyn: so you say that this new plan by hhs changes welfare reform as we know it, how? >> well, when you take away the work requirement, you're taking away that critical tough love component that's actually going to help people get to a better life and they're just doing this unilaterally. remember, alisyn, this is the law that bill clinton signed that's actually been helpful moving people away from poverty, away from the poor to a life that is actually one that allows them to pursue excellence and goals and dreams. this is completely unfair, it's unfair to everybody. it's unfair to them. that the tax paying family out there working and paying for
6:24 am
their kids maybe to go to private school and trying to save money for their kids to go to college. unfair saying your tax dollars can go to someone who doesn't have to work and i would argue it's unfair to families stuck in the system. it didn't give them the nudge they need, the skills they need to get to a better life and i think the only remedy is what tommy thompson said. take them to court because they've unilaterally done this and not following the laws of 16 years put in place. >> alisyn: before bill clinton signed it it was hailed as bipartisan effort to fix welfare as we know it. here is what the health and human services department says about the plan. hhs has authority to waive kleins with the 402. and test approaches and other than those set forth in section 407, including definitions of work activities and engagement. limitations, verifications procedures and calculation of
6:25 am
participation rates. this is a lot of government speak, but help us understand and read between the lines there what they're saying. >> well, alisyn, for 16 years, the law has been interpreted one way and it was clearly, i think, understood what this law meant. bill clinton signed it, it's been the way it's operated for 16 years and all of a sudden they're going to change it. here is the key point, this is not the first time this administration has just radically reinterpreted how the law is applied. we had this administration that said on the defense, we're not going to enforce that or the justice is not going to defend that law. we've seen what this administration did under the law. and recess appointment. and then we've also seen relative to cap and trade which didn't pass and now they're trying to implement. and now, here we are. work requirements and welfare laws in place for 16 years, so, this is one more example of this administration just ignoring the law and i think the only remedy is what senator thompson or governor
6:26 am
thompson said which is we're going to have to take this to court and i'm thinking what will happen before the election. >> alisyn: so it sounds like that may be the next step for republicans is some sort of lawsuit. congressman jim jordan, thank you for joining us and explaining this today. >> thank you. >> alisyn: who is calling the shots in your car? do you have control or your children have control in the car? your e-mails are pouring in. and plus, she's no ordinary granny. oh, boy, what she's doing to put some 20 year olds to shame. ♪ [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese
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>> welcome back. that's out and-- the shot of the morning, forget about knitting this great-grandmother. >> clayton wow. >> dave: winning body building contests. >> clayton great-grandmother? she's 64 years old. aren't they supposed to be 90. >> alisyn: granny not-- >> her name is ruby pike, that's a great-grandmother name. and she's winning awards at the body building championship
6:31 am
in atlanta. >> alisyn: she's beating out girls in their 20's like these poor pathetic specimens. and she calls herself a health expert and fitness few rue and age is only a number. she's an inspiration. >> dave: book her on the program next weekend. you go, granny. >> clayton all right, ruby carter pikes. >> alisyn: meanwhile we have your headlines and let's have more news. virginia is considering amending the imminent domain laws, making it more difficult for the government to get their hands on your property. and the states, too. more on this. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah, some say the government's use of imminent domain is out of control. and especially when it's used to take land from one business and give it to another. and for 50 years, bob wellson has been making radio parts for the local government and
6:32 am
now the local government in virginia wants to take your property away using eminent domain. >> we don't feel it's right that they should be able to take this. it's not morally correct, it's not legally correct. >> it's not because they need a new school or park, they want to take the factory away to be sold to a developer, for retail. and they say it's to spur economic development. we don't need economic development. we have 140 employees here, good wages, able it buy homes. >> now supporting a ballot measure that would prohibit any public taking for private enterprise. critics say the law is too broad and will hurt community planning. >> all of this means that there will be higher costs for acquiring land. >> jim campbell is from the virginia association of counties. he says the constitutional amendment will include valuing properties for lost profits.
6:33 am
which he says will make necessary public takings, more expensive. >> all of these costs are going to drive the cost of government higher, therefore requiring more taxes on all the citizens-- >> the county governments say you're going to make everyone in virginia pay for eminent domain with higher taxes. what do you say to that. >> we disagree, we think the costs will come down. >> he says if the government is taking less property. everyone will be paying less money. that's it from here guys, back to you. >> thanks so much, douglas, now to the rest of your headlines and extreme weather alert, scary moments from people in virginia looking out the windows and seeing this funnel cloud. a tornado con fermd to have touched down in this county with heavy wind and rain that even shook the home. >> i thought it was just like a clearing in the clouds because it was dark on one side and when i looked at it again, it was just, i could
6:34 am
tell it was swirling around and a tornado coming and i was getting nervous, actually a neighbor evaluated his family and we were going to do the same thing. >> dozens of people lost power, luckily, no one was hurt and no homes were seriously damaged. secretary of state, hillary clinton will be arriving in israel later today. iran's nuclear threat is expected to play a roll. and falling into egypt she met with newly elected mohammed maurizi. and her concerns have risen about peace remaining between europe and egypt and pushing to talk to preserve the country's transition to democracy. anthony weiner, you know that name. he might be coming back in the political spotlight. they tell the new york post the former democratic lawmaker who resigned over a sexting scandal is considering another mayoral run in new york city, muching to get back into politics and he has as much as
6:35 am
4 1/2 million dollars remaining in campaign cash. to that and naked -- and take a look at this. >> i wish you could see the prompter, because he said naked man. >> and right to-- to russian rocket. >> and go to the tape, roll it, roll it. >> 3, 2, 1... lift off. >> and it's one of those video games like you watch in high school, high school health class. >> you're right. this is just like high school health class, you can interpret what's happening. this is the soyuz headed to the international space station, they will be staying at iss for four months and could possibly witness the
6:36 am
delivery of the spacecraft. as it launches the first run for-- >> a space station loves the rocket. >> alisyn: thank you. >> dave: there is so much potential from weiner to blastoff, we're just going to move on now. and we have a question for you at 6:38 eastern time. what exactly did we give up control of our cars to our kids? remember when we were growing up, clayton. >> clayton yeah. >> dave: dad's car was his castle, no car seats, no snacks, dad controlled the music, controlled the conversation. that was his world. no longer e buy a mini van at one point, an extended mini-van. >> dave: no, no mini-vans in that day. >> clayton because we scuba dived, but it was meticulous, there wasn't dried cheerios or
6:37 am
dried food. he would listen to tapes of yani music, and it wasn't a mess like our cars. >> alisyn: no, that's me. >> clayton no movies. >> alisyn: if i open the back of my s.u.v., i could eat a bowl of cereal from e on the couch. >> alisyn: because my kid is that disgusting, but this is a funny article written and he was a guest about dan getting a mini-van, now, it's basically the kids car, sure, they can't drive legally, it's their domain, they own it now. >> i believe we have some photos, do we have photos of what our mini-vans and cars currently look like. here is our ford escape, my wife and i, and it looks innocuous enough and dive into the back seat. take a look-- >> oh, my. >> there is our baby's car seat and my son's seat on the far side of the screen and like kids toys and a book and dried milk on the seat.
6:38 am
>> dave: be thankful you have two kids. my wife takes umbrage, this is the third and final photo. my console which has ipod and wires connection cords. >> alisyn: a diaper. >> clayton might be a burp rag and she says you've taken over the car with electronics. >> dave: yours is a different issue, mine is like the camerota version. i have three kids in the car, used to be cool and then started tilling it with car seats. and the baby had to face backwards, because she didn't get camera time. >> a-- one was gold fish, capri suns and cup holdings, watching a movie and-- >> i want to go back to something, your car used to be school, a mini-van. >> dave: i never had a mini-van. >> alisyn: you said my car used to be cool. >> dave: when i first got it, drove it out from colorado, there was no car seats and smelled like a new car, me and
6:39 am
my buddy driving across country. >> clayton i remember telling me about it, and you're like the car is awesome, a lot of power. >> alisyn: here is the upside okay of having these cars like we do now. we should remember in the he willed days when you'd go on a family trip and father would say, don't make me turn this car around, so angry-- e or swing back to hit you. >> alisyn: now days kids are so anesthetized in the back seat by the dvd they're watching, like my kids the second we get into the car, kung fu panda 2 comes on. >> dave: that's what we were watching, the exact movie. >> alisyn: a golden preparation prescription and never hear from them. five hours not a peep, brilliant. >> clayton the largest kid are kids so anesthetized they don't get to see america while you're driving, they don't know there are trees out there. watching kung fu panda. >> dave: i still have a friend, five kids in the car
6:40 am
no car seats in that car. >> clayton no car seats. bungee cords? >> and we want to see your pictures, your e-mails of your kids castle. mine is a day care center on wheels pretty much. at ff weekend on twitter and the e-mail address as well. >> alisyn: coming up this pastor put in jail for holding just bible study at his house. for the same prosecutor who locked him up let occupy protesters off the hook for protesting. is there a double standard behind this? you decide. >> clayton he supported the president in 2008, the studies show america's youth losing enthusiasm, is big government to blame for that? ♪ ♪
6:41 am
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>> the headlines for you right now. extreme weather in arizona is making this tree, yes, this is a street into a raging river. in lake havasu city. portions closed and knocking out to power to many. luckily no reports of anyone getting hurtment back by popular demand is the naked man. file this under bizarre, the long awaited story, the naked man who drove his truck through a mall. arthur walker was arrested by police after getting dressed in a clothing store. he apparently just needed clothes. not wanting to see hem naked again they let him keep the clothes and removed the sneakers before taking him into custody. there you go. >> dave: case closed, fantastic work. meanwhile, joblessless, there's seemingly no end in sight for american youth and the gallup poll shedding light
6:45 am
how it could impact voters at the polls. 58% saying they're definitely likely to vote, those between 18 and 29. our next guest says it's no surprise and says that big government is to blame. and joining us the spokesperson for young american foundation, good to see you, ron. >> good to see you, too. >> dave: overwhelming in 2008, and now plummeting 20%. >> can you blame them? i think that young people had a lot of hope for this administration and policies. what have they gotten? a lot of unemployment. we saw a study that came out 2.7 million jobs to are young people have been lost during this recession, but we have to ask ourselves why? why didn't this recovery work for young people? recoveries worked well in the past. go back to the reagan years and young people actually, the youth unemployment rate dropped 5%. why haven't we seen that now?
6:46 am
government spending and government stimulus doesn't work for young people, and we are going to have to pay 0 of in the future, we're left at a huge disadvantage and i think it's only going to get worse as obama care inmremented. there are plies controls that say we have to pay 45% more for the rest of the system. if someone wants to hire us, they have to pick up that cost, too, and harder to get jobs. makes it more miserable. >> dave: we saw the frightening unemployment rate, almost twice, 16.5%. you mentioned obama care, a lot of people were excited about the fact that they could stay on parent's health care until the age of 26. why you say that's one of the bad signs for those young voters in 2012. >> excited? i wouldn't say excited. and staying on your parents
6:47 am
health care plans until are' 26, means you won't be getting a job. if you have a job you're mandated you have to have health care. if you're in your parents basement. we want opportunity. obama care and government spending plans haven't worked for young people. what we need is something that gives power back to the people. we don't want more government jobs, government jobs are temporary and add to debt. what we need is less debt and we won't have to pay off the gigantic-- >> interesting what you're saying, obama holds a 23 point lead over mitt romney. where is mitt romney failing to convey the message. >> president obama is on campus one out of every 11 days. and mitt romney is not visiting campuseses nearly enough. if you want to reach young
6:48 am
people go to them and talk to them. if you appeal to their pocket book and love for freedom, young people don't like the establishment and appeal to their love for freedom and inclination to love liberty and doing something. young people aren't all lazy and entitled. we want to do something with our lives. nobody wants to live in their parents' houses and play xbox, we want to do something. >> dave: you want your own job and own health care not your parents. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> dave: up next, this pastor put in jail for holding a bible study at his house, but the same prosecutor let the occupy protesters off the hook. is there a double standard here? we report, you decide. fast food workers revealing their dirty secrets, the seven things they say you should never eat. ♪
6:49 am
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6:52 am
e. >> clayton welcome back, a phoenix pastor, a father of five is locked hyped bars. his violation, holding a weekly bible study class in his own home. his wife joined us earlier in the week. >> it defies logic, i don't understand, you know, that something owe small got just so large like this. >> alisyn: but get this. the same lawyer who prosecuted michael salmon and got him to serve six months in prison and plus three years probation, and $12,000 in fine the same court recent will i dismissed a group of occupy protesters who cost the city more than
6:53 am
$200,000, but in violation of criminal trespassing codes. >> clayton brings us to this question, is there a political agenda behind this double standard? here now is mike spencer, the coordinator of judicial and a retired phoenix police officer. nice to see you this morning. when you look at this, do you think there's a double standard here? >> well, judicial watch and certainly our community leadership partners here in phoenix, is seem to declare a double standard. in phoenix, if you're a christian pastor and break the law, you get punished. but if you're in phoenix and you're an occupy phoenix protester and you break the tlau you get a free pass, especially if your political agenda matches that of the city prosecutor. that's clearly what happened here. >> alisyn: why are the prosecutors going after this pastor? >> well, i think what's happened here, your a getting the rule of law when you're dealing with the pastor. it started as a civil offense, i'm telling you right now that
6:54 am
spun out of control to criminal charges, criminal contempt of court charges. if you're going to pursue the rule of law and take the chance to disobey the law, that's what you get. >> clayton oh, i'm sorry, mark. >> except if your political agenda like the occupy protesters, lined up with the city prosecutor and then he'll go and dismiss charges and give you a free pass. >> clayton here is what the city prosecutor had to say or the chief of the city prosecutor. came down to zoning and property permitting. anytime are' holding a gathering, as he does referring to the pastor, we have concerns of exiting the premise, if it came to fire and that's all it came down to. >> i don't disagree, there were legal ordinance violations on the pastors side, on the flip side in addressing the court the same city prosecutor refers to these dress passers as patriots op this, on par with sam adams and paul revere, he
6:55 am
praises their conduct while he punishes the pastor, it smacks of prosecutorial misconduct. >> alisyn: you're from judicial watch. thanks for coming in to explain it story to us, thank you. >> thank you. >> clayton more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ male announcer ] turn 1, daytona. riverside exit, i-95. variante ascari, monza. mile 7, highway 1. wehrseifen, nurburgring. the horseshoe, twin peaks boulevard. every famous cue has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them, with the lexus is performance line, featuring the is 250. real performance demands real precision. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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6:58 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, july 15th, i'm alisyn camerota. president obama says he's running to fight for the middle class. . >>, but we all need more-- i believe in a middle out economics, a bottom up economics. >> alisyn: wait until you hear what one democratic heavy weight says about that. he thinks that ordinary americans are in trouble. >> dave: did you ever wonder what's safe to eat an at a fast food place, clayton, didn't you used to work at one? workers revealing their dirty
6:59 am
secrets, seven things you should never eat at a fast food restaurant. >> clayton some will surprise you, by the way. a special salute to our heroes by team usa. we'll head to the court, to the b-ball court straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ the good ones. good morning, everyone, it's summertime, guys, it's time to vacation and you don't have a lot of vacation time. so use an astrologer to plan your vacation time and base where you should go on your sign. >> alisyn: they know our signs and tell us where we should vacation. >> clayton sounds a little hokey. >> alisyn: i'm going to my roots, ice cream scooping roots, and we are going to go out for ice cream and whip
7:00 am
them up. >> clayton and a lot of odd jobs, and bill o'reilly was also an ice cream scooper. let's talk about what the campaign is doing right now. president obama hitting the campaign trail yesterday and tried to drum up support, not taking the summer off. talking about vacation right now, the president, no sign of him going to martha's vineyard. and president obama spending too many on -- time. and the president talking about the economics, narrative played out, the difference between the way the democrats see checks right now this middle out economics the middle class out and the way that the republicans see it, he says. take a listen. >> so we don't need more top down economics. i believe in a middle out economics. a bottom up economics. i believe that when hard working americans are doing well, everybody does well.
7:01 am
that's been our history. that's been the evidence. that's why i ran for president, to fight on behalf of the middle class and those who are striving to get into the middle class and that's why i'm running again for president of the united states. >> alisyn: well, it's interesting. there's an opinion piece in the wall street journal by two operatives, james carville and sam greenberg says that the middle class is in bigger trouble than anybody is talking about. james carville says they are in trouble and they know they're in trouble. they're holding on or slipping, dealing with unemployment in the family, the overhang of debt and the loss of any cushion in life. people are scared about the rising cost of college education, many of the retired are now looking for part-time work and the salaries virtually frozen and a trip to the grocery store produces near desperation and he says
7:02 am
where is the presidential commission on this? now-- >> and crisis, they wrote a book together. like an excerpt in a piece he thinks that the middle class crisis in this country. >> dave: contrast what the president is saying, or support what he's saying and you could argue that's in support of what he's saying because the middle class is struggling. what the president is probably missing there, where are those job creators? >> he wants the bottom up economy, where are the jobs going to be created, not from government? >> right. >> dave: not from the bottom. job creators tend to be in the upward middle class or upper class. >> it sounds like james carville is saying he do nt think that the president has tackled this enough. >> clayton no, he doesn't. and a class warfare issue, too, there is an issue in the way in which, you know, if you do okay. if you've got a moderate paycheck and you're making 30, 40,000 a year, that those are the people who are hurt perhaps the most because they can't get the college grants
7:03 am
or loans that the-- those in poverty can get in the lower class get. so he believes that there's a middle area that has not been tackled by the government and in an effort to make it fair. so you're not having the classes of these people get cuts, these people get breaks and wants the presidential commission to try to fix this. >> dave: at least it's moving towards a philosophical debate and not talking about outsourcing of jobs and swiss bank accounts. at least this is about the economy, a philosophical debate we may begin to have. >> alisyn: we'd love to hear from you on this, you can find us all on twitter. meanwhile, let's get your headlines, a fox news alert right now. time may be running out for two americans kidnapped in egypt. the family says he's a diabetic and may need medical attention right away. lewis is a pastor from the boston area, on a missionary trip in egypt when an armed gunman abducted him in broad
7:04 am
daylight. and two others were kidnapped. the abductor a local egyptian apparently threatening to keep them captive unless his uncle is released from prison and he may take more hostages if his demands are not met. president obama trying to push the jewish vote, but apparently his campaign can't spell israel. and take a look at the invitation, for a fund raising event in pennsylvania. you can see it's held at a congregation, but spelled i-s-r-e-a-l. >> isreal. >> alisyn: and apologizing for the typo, and then violating irs rules preventing political institutions from-- and practice makes perfect. putting on a show to salute
7:05 am
our troops. [applause]. what a great sight at the hoops for troops event in our nation's capital and players held this for soldiers and a scrimage. and said the event was an honor to be a part of. >> to 0 walk around and see the troops around here, and talking to them, how happy they are, and how inspared. and not knowing that we're definitely inspired by what they do, it's a wonderful feeling for us. >> alisyn: he also plays basketball? >> what reality. >> alisyn: caramelo and la la or whatever. and they bring with them the olympic games in london. >> dave: and let's go to rick reichmuth who has the weather across the country. >> rick: it's going to be warm for a lot of people and a
7:06 am
hurricane, category 2 in the pacific, this is hurricane fabio. the atlantic earthquake had season, quick four storms and everything is a little calm, but we're at about july 15th, right here take a look at what happens on average, we start to see the peak around september 10th. in two weeks you see a rapid uptick in the activity. so we're still in hurricane season across the atlantic ocean basin, and be prepared for that. and keep again building across the central planes and central nebraska, iowa, wisconsin all kinds of heat advisories as well as across parts of pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, and say it's going to feel like 100 to 105, on the increase over the next number of days. we'll see the showers pop up in the afternoon as the day heats up. it's extremely humid and allows the thunderstorms to fire. unernl to not exactly where
7:07 am
the drought is across georgia, as well as back toward the mississippi river valley and across the west, with a lot of activity. monsoonal activity arizona, nevada and utah and this will continue the next number of days and scoot farther off to the east, to new mexico and colorado, and the next few days, also we are going to be talking an a heatwave. take a look at temperatures in the next three days, mid and upper 90's, tomorrow, minneapolis, get ready flirting with 100 degrees and it's humid out there. thank you, rick for the positive news. you know a lot of people are out there road tripping, and swing through fast forward place and something quickly on the road. bk, pick up a whopper. a new study out showing you the seven most disgusting things to eat on fast food restaurant because of bacteria. >> alisyn: i call this positively disgusting.
7:08 am
>> dave: right. >> alisyn: first of all, ordering a grilled chicken because you're supposed avoid cheeseburgers, fattening, trying to stay away and healthy choice. the dirty little secret. because it's so dry they squirt mounds and mounds of liquid margin and make it juicier, they squirt it on to the chicken so it's in the margarine. >> stay away from grilled chicken. >> number two, tuna and chicken salad sandwiches, to me, an absolute no-brainer to stay away, why is this one bad. >> alisyn: because the mayo is apparently added in equal parts as the tuna. >> that's why i steer clear of it. >> alisyn: and they say that the mayo is left at room temperature for extended periods of time. >> dave: i'd be in favor of bloomberg banning mayo not from the health aspect. >> clayton and my wife, too. number three i am familiar with this. this has been a long problem
7:09 am
for fast food restaurants which is the fountain drinks with ice. >> alisyn: why? >> because your filling up that big tub of ice, bacteria, all kinds of nasty-- >> it's already in the tub not the ice itself. >> clayton they dump it on top. . >> dave: go no ice. if you have the self-serve. >> clayton go no ice. >> alisyn: did you use the word slime? if not omitted it. >> clayton i omitted it. >> alisyn: they say that there's slime in the ice. and if you're having breakfast out there? >> could be. >> alisyn: everybody knows to avoid the salad bar unless there's a sneeze guard. >> dave: no question. >> clayton who eats a salad bar in a fast food restaurant. if you're driving through mcdonald's are you getting a salad. >> dave: this confuses me, i'm gluten-free, but i love the donuts. >> clayton other than the 400 calories and yesterday morning i was down at dunkin' donuts getting coffee for dave and i in the morning the guy saysle'
7:10 am
have breakfast, a large extra coffee with extra cream and extra sugar and blueberry muffin and glazed donut. >> alisyn: they say the oil, deep fridaying the donuts. >> dave: not a dunkin', baby. >> clayton and burger patties long have been the issues, most sprayed with ammonia to keep away from e. coli and sprayed with ammonia to keep the chemicals off. you're getting them-- what's wrong with burgee patties other than that. >> alisyn: they say they also just stay out under the warmer for a long time. and have the ammonia-- >> i take umbrage, i worked at mcdndz. 20 minutes they had to be time, 20 minutes gone, thrown out or taken care of. don't keep them there in a long time. >> dave: and what about the shakes. >> alisyn: they're made of shake mix rather than ice cream, and do you think that--
7:11 am
>> and it's ice cream day and baskin robbins and friendly's, they don't use a pre-mix, they use ice cream. you go to chipotle and fresh stuff and or in and out burger. >> dave: loving chipotle. >> alisyn: and going to fast food restaurants. mitt romney was invited and booked while seeking-- i'm sorry, he was booed while speaking to the naacp is the republican party actually a better fit now days for african-americans? there is a one theory. we have a guest to talk about this, actually a debate. >> dave: two in fact. another government agency going wild. reports that hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent at the happiest place on earth. we'll talk to the congresswoman calling for an investigation next. ♪ [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> i'm going to elimb natal every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obama and i'm going to work to reform and save save-- >> and give mitt credit, he paused for the boos. governor mitt romney obviously booed at the naa c. p convention, is the republican party a better fit for african-americans, here for a fair and balanced debate. angela mcglowan and cynthia jackson, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> dave: angela, start with you. >> yes. >> dave: is the republican party a better fit for the african-american and a historic since, but today given our economy and serious issues we're facing. >> if you look at barack obama
7:16 am
went for hope and change and becomes the bait and switch president, i think the republican party is better however, no minority should be beholden to one party i want both candidates to go and feet for the black vote and mitt romney going to the naacp is not going to win him votes in the black community, but as lee allen said, sometimes spent time showing up. he's got to show up, but go to the urban league and the black chamber of commerce, other places besides the naacp. >> dave: as close it a political slam-dunk, going to being to 2000 the closest the republican has been bush 2004, 11% to john kerry's 88%, other than that and that's even a blowup. but receipt now, you've got obama at 91% and romney at 4%. does he have any chance with that african-american vote? >> well, i hope so because i don't think that republicans are the answer, but i think that they are an answer.
7:17 am
you know, shirley put it this way, you do not vote for the party, you vote for the individual. blacks are not brain washed or bamboozled as-- >> and thank you, thank you. >> and you know, we both are interest not the party. we have chosen johnson over goldwater, a very good thing, but the abolitionists of old have become the obstructionists. and they warn against two water season. >>, but santia-- >> let me finish, he says that this division caused by the two party system will lead to despotism. we need a change. >> if you look at bill clinton and the republican congress, we had great times then and we promoted policies, republicans did, that blen signed into law and president obama says that he would be a president of transparency. and that america would be better with him as pr ez and
7:18 am
our community has gotten worse. unemployment has gone up. crime rates done up and the school system is crumbling. look back when bill clinton worked with republicans on our policy, we did much better. >> let me list-- >> you know what they said about bill clinton, bill clinton is the west republican president many people said we've ever had and i'm a bill clinton fan, i love him. at the end of the day, i agree with angela, we need both parties vying for the black vote and vying for americans because i don't think that this whole liberal-conservative paradigm is working, so it's corporate vm against-- >> for the people. >> black unemployment is 14.4% according to the latest count. it's clearly not working. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> another government agency gone wild and a this time thousands of taxpayers dollars
7:19 am
spent at the happiness place on earth. we're talking with a congresswoman calling for an investigation next. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves. why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. to learn more or to find an authorized retailer near you,
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prescribed by rheumatologists.
7:22 am
>> welcome back. despite the gfa scandal, remember that one in vegas, another government agency is coming under scrutiny this morning. the national institute of standard and technology visited mickey mouse. the agency's annual fave five day conference at a lavish orlando resort miles from disney world may have cost millions in taxpayer dollars. though the commerce department says it only cost taxpayers $671,000. only. and the florida representative sandy adams joins us, provided documents from whistle blowers seeking a congressional investigation, thank you for joining us. >> glad to be with you this
7:23 am
morning. >> clayton are they denying they spent taxpayer dollars to go on this lavish retreat? >> as they're saying $671,000 spent. that's their numbers, but we're looking at the other documentation and i'm going to tell you, this is tax dollars at that they spent, federal tax dollars, hard working taxpayers' money on a lavish conference on the hills of gsa. unacceptable. >> clayton and congress arguing semantics, they say it was only, congresswoman, only $671,000, what do you say to that. >> i can tell you, only is an awful lot of money. and in the district that i represent, i can tell you the people here believe that $671,000 is a lot of money. a lot of money that could be placed into the centers themselves, and of manufacturing and central programs and centers
7:24 am
themselves, instead of being spent on a, well, a very nice conference at the very least. >> clayton the response has been from the nist, they say this, the manufacturing extension partnership at the national institute of standards and technology, which was the conference, held their conference in orlando at world marriott center annually since 2006 to provide work shops, training, no federal funds were spent on catering, entertainment or alcohol, any reception and entertainment paid for entirely by private sector resources. are they trying to paint a picture that almost all of this was paid for by private sector resources? does that wash with you? >> well, we're going to look into it and i've asked for the investigation because i believe we need an investigation i think it's complicated to the extent when you have they're matching dollars and mixed with federal dollars, they become federal dollars so i believe at the end of the day you're going to
7:25 am
see that this cost the taxpayer more than $671,000. and i think that only the investigation will tell. >> right, i mean, to be fair, the conferences have gone on for years under any kind of president, this has been happening, but it's -- is it a problem now, obviously, we're in measures of austerity and looking at the conferences department to department getting the blaerng checks. would you have a problem with the departments doing any sort of work shops that involve travel. should they be done in their own conference rooms. >> i don't have a problem with the work shops, this is an indicative problem with washington. this is that's wrong with washington. this is-- they think it's okay to have a lavish convention at the taxpayer expense. here we have an agency on the heels of gsa thinking it's okay and only, in their
7:26 am
estimation spending $671,000 of hard working taxpayers dollars when i have people in my district that are doing staycations instead of vacations and the problems in washington like this have to stop. this is not acceptable behavior for a government agency. >> clayton we see the beautiful palm trees, but of course, that's orlando, and bands playing music to you when people are having to stay home not making a summer vacation or out of a job and don't get a vacation at all. thank you for joining us, please keep us updated on the investigation. >> we will, thank you. >> clayton thank you. still ahead, one man feeling the pressure knocked off his feet after a tire explodes. oh, my, whoa. that looks like a mythbusters episode. one student stirring up controversy with a step by st
7:27 am
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and after a couple of weeks she was healthy, happy, and definitely part of the family. we're so lucky thalucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete. always there for you. >> welcome back, everyone, we have a fox news alert for you right now. senate democrats are coming up with a new tax proposal that could affect your wallet. we're looking at some democrats are not yet op board
7:31 am
with this. >> dave: peter doocy is live in washington d.c. with more, good morning, peter. >> good morning, dave. by the end of this month, by the end of july. senate majority leader harry reid wants to vote on individuals making up to 200,000 a year or couples 250,000 a year. and living in manhattan, those making $200,000 are not rich and he wants the bush era tax cuts for anyone up to a million dollars, no word whether he'll vote against the plan. other democrats are voting no. virginia start jim webb is a no and speculation that senator benne nelson and bill nelson from florida will defect and joe manchin will
7:32 am
vote against it, too, senator joe lieberman, an independent who generally sides with either the democrats or the republicans, depending on the issue when it comes to the tax plans his preference is neither. and we know that now because he just said, quote, the best thing congress can do to restore economic growth and job creation is to enact a comprehensive bipartisan plan who balance our budget along the lines of the bowles simpson report. there's plenty of time this year to get this done if we want to, for this reason i will vote against both the esident's partial repeal of the bush tax cuts and the republicans plan to extend all of the cuts for another year. now, it's not all gloom and doom for the democratic leadership though because senator clare mccaskill says she fully supports extending tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year and supports them for families making up to a million if it was part of a compromise to reduce t debt 4 or 5
7:33 am
trillion dollars. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: peter doocy, thanks so much for that explainer. and the rest of today's headlines, and a grisly discovery to tell you about after a body is found in north carolina, this is about 30 minutes away from where a missing ohio mother was vacationing. no word yet whether this belongs to lynn jackenheimer, the mother of two who vanished after spending 4th of july with her boyfriend. he returned to ohio with the kid, but according to his brother he confessed to strangling her before going on the run and he has not been found. police call the authorities if you see him. his next video will make you think twice next team are' checking your tires. take a look at a drive, walks up to the truck ap then, boom, whoa! without warning, one of the tires explodes and knocks him off his feet. the whole thing happened at a
7:34 am
gas station in china and the driver was rushed to the hospital, but we're told he's doing okay. he thinks the hot weather combined with the heavy road triggered that explosion, scary. thunderstorms forcing this unusual balloon flight back to the ground. the gas station owner, ted couch, iraqi adventurer, strapping hundreds of balloons to law chairs in an attempt to fly from oregon to montana. they flew about six hours before having to abort their mission, his fourth lawn char trip and first time with a partner and the two hope to fly in iraq. >> you remember that movie, a terrible movie a few years ago. >> alisyn: no. >> clayton it was larry-- >> no not "up", a movie like "larry lawn chair". >> dave: sounds good, i'll have to netflix that. could the headlines be over here in new york for jeremy li
7:35 am
nichlt, a no lin situation, days bringing back marcus camby, the knicks make a trade for another familiar face, raymond felton from portland in a sign and trade. and they'll send jeffries, and return. and the question is here about jeremy lin. knicks said they'll match the offer that houston made for lin, but does not appear they'll do that with the addition of felton, the knicks had a change of heart, it looks that way and we'll find out. new york has until midnight on tuesday, to match the offer, could lin-sanity be over. and our names as future hosts, judges of american idol. >> alisyn: how is it going. >> dave: here is the thing, we have an opportunity to kret teak the senging of chicago bears jay cutler, gave our first audition tape singing take me out to the ball game at wrigley on saturday.
7:36 am
♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ ♪ take me out with the crowd ♪ >> wow. >> alisyn: all right. now. >> clayton he's going to hollywood. >> dave: and that was not -- that's a turnover, an interception. >> clayton and i'll channel randy, dawg, what were you thinking? what were you thinking. >> alisyn: i'll channel j le, he's cute. >> dave: okay, we'll keep a short and sweet on idol. >> clayton and sing that. you don't need to sing it, that's a song, he's not really singing. how does it sound bad even talking. >> dave: and the performance. >> alisyn: rick reichmuth could do better, but let's not prove that. >> rick: it was a little pitchy, got to admit that. the temperatures waking up this morning, a rather warm and muggy start.
7:37 am
and the eastern half of the country and take a look out at lake havasu, arizona on the border of arizona and california and nevada and the three states come together and very heavy monsoonal storms yesterday, bringing this flooding down the streets. and take the rain when they get it there, they're happy to get that, it's a very dry season and they sock up that water quickly and end up with flash flooding like this. there's going to be more showers today. take a look at the forecast across the northeast showers as well and some thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon hours, the day heats up. and it's muggy out there. we'll see problems throughout the often. the southeast, the same stories, garden variety thunderstorms will continue to fire, not everybody getting a thunderstorm, but it will be spotty and not a complete washout for anybody today, either. move to the northern plains and this is where the heat has been and kind of the center of the drought is going on and unfortunately, extremely hot
7:38 am
again, temps into the trem digits and 102, dry, and of course the crops there, we're certainly worried right now. it does not look like any significant rain moving into the area for a while. a few thunderstorms in north dakota later on this afternoon. across the west, the monsoonal are areas. >> dave: listen up, ladies. >> clayton do you want a snag of a perfect husband? one school newspaper has a how-to tips, get better at baking. never post a picture anyone prettier than you. >> clayton how to land a husband before graduation, it's causing conversation as you can imagine. >> alisyn: joining us is a student who wrote that controversial piece at university of georgia, amber estes. >> hi. >> alisyn: you call this a foolproof plan to get that famous degree.
7:39 am
i take it you're poking fun at perhaps a certain breed of young women in college? >> yes, there's always that group of women who they say define themselves by who they marry or how they marry into money, but i was kind of poking fun of them. it was no way a serious piece in my opinion. it was just completely like a joke, like making fun of girls who actually do have that mrs mentality. >> clayton let's be honest, there are girls who do. and live in certain areas. meet the most ambitious guys, post pictures with pretty friends just not as pretty as you. what was your response. >> a mixed response on campus, a lot of people who supported the article and understood it
7:40 am
was meant to be a joke and positive response, but also a lot of comments on the original article got very nasty and i have people who found my cell phone number somehow and called me and i got hate e-mails, it was just-- i never knew it would get this big, so it was-- >> and a few more of your tips, dress and act classy, let the gent do most of the talking, impress his mom and even wrote, a southern belle is nothing, but a pretty face in pearls without a man to eat his cooking and appreciate her cleaning. why do you think it got so nasty? >> i think that-- i didn't write the article anything in think way it describes like the majority of people around me. i'm surrounded on a daily basis at university of georgia with ambitious mep and alike, but there are women everywhere not like everywhere, but you will find certain girls in certain places that do actually have this mentality and i think it got so nasty
7:41 am
because it's a sensitive subject women are academically equal to men and have the same drive and i think when they thought i was taking a step back in the wrong way it struck a nerve and if you took it seriously. >> alisyn: and yet, there are good tips there, when you say dress classy and impress his mama, those are good tips. >> of course you should impress his moms, but the majority of tips i would never suggest to try and find a husband, but i mean, yeah, be nice to his mom, that's true. >> dave: amber estes from university of georgia and tell guys how to snag themselves a smart rich woman. >> alisyn: yes. >> dave: i'm just saying, thanks. >> alisyn: thanks, amber, we enjoyed it, thanks for coming on. >> clayton coming up on the show, a strip club has set up shop right in a convent's back
7:42 am
yard and the nuns are fired up about it. and we'll hear from one of the sisters fighting her new neighbors. >> alisyn: plus, is the answer to your perfect vacation written in the stars in our next guest will show us all how our zodiac sign will help us make the most of our get aways. wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. [ engine revving ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ [ tirescreech ]
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male spirit present.trong it's the priceline negotiator. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals. it's a faster way to get a great hotel deal without bidding. pick one with a pool, a gym, a great guest rating. >>and save big. >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are. ya, no. he's over here. >>in the refrigerator?
7:45 am
>> welcome back, everybody, more people are expected to take advantage of their vacation days this year, and most americans only get a precious two weeks. how do you make sure to make the most of those days. >> alisyn: our next guest says look no further than your own horoscope. >> clayton an astrologer and author of the only astrology book you'll ever need, joanna, it's wool spoke. >> like folk music. >> and throws me. nice to see you.
7:46 am
>> thank you. >> clayton fortunately, you weren't thrown by looking at our signs. why do we need to go on vacation based around our as logical signs? what does it do for us? >> basically what astrology does, tells us about ourselves, who we are, and how we go about filling those needs, our temperament, et cetera. to make a plan for your vacation, based on your needs and what would work for you, rather than something contrary to your personality, would be, obviously, optimum. makes your happier. >> for families we have so many mixed as logical signs and it could get ugly and here is mine, i'm a libra, born october 11th, so what type of place should i be going? what does it say about me? >> basically it's to define a partnership, romantic, elegant, aesthetic sign that enjoys luxury, and it would be perfect, first of all, to
7:47 am
travel with someone you love, whether that's a family member or a friend, or-- yeah, and we assume your wife is your lover, right? and then, therefore, you should be going to places that stimulate your mind. you're an air sign, you communicate well, like to learn, something wonderful for you, even if you went on something like a safari, it should be high end. >> we did that, fantastic. >> alisyn: clayton is a cap concern, where should he be vacationing, a capricorn. >> you know me wellments he or she enjoys a structured trip that you plan. >> clayton that's funny, i was drawn to history. i was a history major, i like that. >> drawn to the past. >> clayton central american and-- >> and you would enjoy something like that, yes, looking at the mayan ruins,
7:48 am
learning about european royalty or going on some kind of adventure where you discover old cultures. >> clayton nice. >> even in this country, enjoy-- >> alisyn is tricky, complicated human being as you know looking at her signs. >> alisyn: i'm on the cusp, but generally a gemini, where should-- >> yes, you're a gemini on the cusp of cancer. gemini is curious, multi-tasking and you need a lot of stimulation. >> clayton really. >> alisyn: yes. >> you could go on trips where you can go to the museums, night life, things to learn, things to see, side trips. >> alisyn: you say i like scuba diving and night life, that's true. >> clayton i like that boredom comes quickly. >> alisyn: well, not in this segment. joanna, thanks for coming in and telling us where to go, and now help us plan the trips.
7:49 am
>> clayton they've got other books online. >> thank you. >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ chirp ] [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ chirp ] [ chirp ] [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." with access to the fastest push-to-talk and three times the coverage. now when you buy one kyocera duracore rugged phone, for $49.99, you'll get four free. visit a sprint store, or call 855-878-4biz. [ chirp ] anti-aging cream undeniably. it creamed unbelievably a $500 cream and now women have made regenerist microsculpting cream also unscented. women love it. in original and also fragrance-free.
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7:52 am
>> a strip club next to a convent? the missionary sisters of st. charles says it's an ungodly combination and the strip club, called get it. is being built in the convent's back yard about you get it, is getting an entire community riled up against it. here now is sister silva. and the director and legal count, peter breen. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: sister, what did you think when you heard that a strip club was going to be moving into your back yard? >> well, i didn't think, we
7:53 am
heard that at a later date, but i didn't think that was going to happen. unfortunately, that did happen and as a community, we have been fighting for the closing of this club, to make sure it doesn't open. and the fabric of our community, it goes against everything we stand for as religious women. >> alisyn: sorry, sister, to interrupt. i want to ask peter, and then get back to you. are there laws against this sort of thing. >> at the beginning of this there was both a local ordinance and state law employment of this within a thousand feet of a place of worship. they repealed, but the state law, we believe and contend should prohibit the placement of this facility. >> alisyn: sister, this is obvious, but if you could in your own words, what do you fear with happen if this strip club begins operating night after night? >> well, there will be more violence in the area.
7:54 am
there will be more drug use and right now we see used syringes on the sidewalks and broken whiskey bottles. children pass through to get to the school and we don't want that, we want a safe community. we're holding them accountable, especially to representatives that they honor the family values in the area. this is already the 6th strip club in the area. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. >> out of 5,000 inhabitants so we don't need another one, not in our back yard. >> alisyn: and quickly, what can they do? >> well, right now, we've asked the relevant government officials in the municipality to enforce the law, the local law, a state law, doesn't mean that they should not be enforcing the law. they've sworn an oath to do that and we've gone to the prosecutor and there's no any action, at this point this
7:55 am
appears we will have to fight suit on behalf of the sisters and other residents, to make sure that this does not operate. >> alisyn: good luck with your legal efforts and sister, please keep us posted as to what happens. and peter breen, thank you both for coming on. >> thank you. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in news two minutes. ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram. you're entered for a chance to win a trip to the olympic gam for life. to cheer the summer athletes to new heights, starting in 2016...
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm alisyn camerota. what's happening at this hour, secretary of state hillary clinton headed to israel to discuss iran's nuclear program. a bigger threat from tehran. why the u.s. officials are on alert straight ahead. >> dave: a natural combination of bibles and beers, a new trend has religion on tap at your local bar. is this a good idea to spread the word of god? that's ahead. >> clayton most americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
7:59 am
secrets to being wealthy from an army sergeant. it's basic training for your finances. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, and welcome to my favorite holiday. it's national ice cream day today. who knew? >> and your truck feel of outside on the palace, friendly's, ali's former place of employment back in the day she was a scooper. >> dave: that's not your average ice cream man. >> alisyn: it's my mother ship has come back to select me. >> clayton is there anything better than the reese's pieces sundae. >> alisyn: jim dandy. let me tell you about it, jim candy, it has four pieces of banana, four scoops of ice cream. >> four different topping, hot
8:00 am
fog, marshmallow, and then whipped cream and then the nuts on top and of course the cher cherry. >> dave: and unfortunately for ali we're going to have to talk politics before going back to the ice cream, we will be back outside, and we'll show you what is happening politically and this week could be huge week for the romney campaign and many feels this could be the week he selects his vice-presidential candidate and could provide a much needed jolt to the campaign. and we heard condoleezza rice and appears that name was shot down. >> clayton back and forth. >> dave: mainly because she doesn't want the job. and now some other names are emerging. some other names coming back into the fore. we heard about representative paul ryan and governor scott walker at the governor association meeting. saying the reason that paul is legitimately on the list of
8:01 am
vice-presidential contenders-- and they're looking at the short number of individuals, but representative ryan has long side he's not interested. he doesn't want to do it and you have to ask yourself. governor huckabee talks about this, right. it's one of the most worthless jobs in washington. you have no power really and he calls it being a spare tire, get pumped up and ready to go and he's right. can paul ryan do more in congress or more as a vice-president. >> alisyn:. >> well, depends on if congress can agree on anything, but in terms of steering the conversation, but providing energy into romney campaign that could be vital. because there isn't a whole lot of it right now. >> and rob portman has been bandied about in ohio and gave the g.o.p. weekly address yesterday. let's take a listen. the past three years or so we have a known the greatest challenge before us in the nation is an academy that's just not producing enough
8:02 am
jobs. president obama focused on growing government and try to remake the united states into the image of the debt laden countries of europe. his approach has been more spending, more regulation, and higher taxes, and measured by their own standards. his policies have failed us. we need to fight back, we're going broke. >> alisyn: so, obviously, he's talking about policies, does he light up a room in terms of-- if that's what you're looking for for your vp pick, i don't know. >> clayton and won't outshines. do you want palin who outshines you as a candidate. >> alisyn: therein lies the $64,000 question. style over substance, get both with a marco rubio, it's going soon. >> dave: and timing is key as we spoke to a former campaign advisor to president h.w. bush, if he picks him during the convention, it has to be sun that goes energize the ticket, a christy, rubio, maybe a kelly, and out of the
8:03 am
box. if a portman-like figure, it has to could many early. >> clayton do people not remember history? first of all, you don't pick your running mate like at the convention, oh, here is a shock and this person walks out on stage, it's done beforehand in recent memory done beforehand. back in the day people would choose for you, that's your vice-president over there. oh, he is, okay, welcome on in. you don't pick them the same time of the convention, a few weeks leading up, palin chosen a few weeks before the convention, look at jeb bush says you cannot pick an old white guy, we cannot be known as the old white guy party and he needs some diversity, will we see marco rubio, will we see a woman. >> dave: should be interesting to see. >> alisyn: a fox news alert. and some were held hostage in
8:04 am
egypt. one is a 61-year-old man, michelle lewis, a pastor from the boston area, who was in egypt on a missionary trip and his family says he could be in grave danger if he's not released soon. >> we know that the god that we serve is in control of the matter. the only concern that we have at the moment is that he is diabetic and as long as they hold him, i would assume that it's not going to work in his favor. >> alisyn: a 39-year-old massachusetts woman and a tour guide travelling with pastor lewis are also kidnapped. and they're threatened, unless his uncle is released. and a massive wildfire in northern california, moves in on 170 homes much the blaze called the robbers fire. burning about 50 miles northeast of sacramento, it's
8:05 am
already destroyed one home and spread more than 1900 acres, so far 20% contained. crews are having a difficult time assessing the fire through access, i should say, through the woods as hot weather and winds are fueling the flames. and florida republican governor rick scott celebrating what he calls a significant voting victory. the department of homeland security granting the state access to a federal data base of illegal immigrants living in the area, something that the florida election officials will use to monitor and catch noncitizens who are trying it vote they say. the obama administration had denied florida's request for the data base for months and finally gave in after the judge rules in the state's favor and colorado asking for similar access before november. well, the london city council giving bruce springsteen fans something to twist and shout about, but it's not good. ♪ ♪ twist and shout >> that cell phone video
8:06 am
shows what many music fans would consider a dream team. bruce springsteen teaming up with sir paul mccartney, the problem was moments after this video was taken, the concert organizers shut down the amfiers and shut down the concert because of the strict curfew. as you can imagine, fans were disappointed and as was springsteen and says he dreamed of being on the stage with mccartney for the last 50 years. >> don't you know he's the boss. cut off the power? >> let's check with rick reichmuth watching the uncomfortable weather. >> rick: don't you think somebody ahead of time would say be prepared to end at 10:15. >> alisyn: and they wouldn't adhere to that rule? >> ali, i know you like hot weather, here you go, next three days another heatwave across the mid atlantic and northeast and get better by
8:07 am
tomorrow in minneapolis and today is your extremely hot temperature, chicago today and tomorrow hot. but it pulls off to the east, another hot and sticky out there, very muggy conditions in addition to that heat and it's dry. we are in a very significant drought across the country and 80% of the country has some sort of a drought going on right now and 40% of the country has at least moderate drought and unfortunately, areas of the east where the drought is not as bad. you can see stretch kind of through parts of mississippi up to the spine of the appalachians and we're going to see more rain and not exactly what we needed on either side of that. we will see scattered showers and thunderstorms across the east today. the day heats up and moves into a very moist atmosphere, and the thunderstorms. same goes across parts of the west where we've got very significant showers and monsoonal nature, across parts of the four corners and to your city, 102, guys? >> and funny, rick, and 100
8:08 am
degree temperatures. thanks, buddy, the president keeping up his attacks against mitt romney's record at bain capital. >> mr. romney has got a different idea. you know, he invests in companies that have been called pioneers in our sorts. i don't want to pioneer in outsourcing. i want some insourcing. >> dave: who are the tactics of politics as usual, or expect that from a sitting president. and here is joe, great to see you congressman, welcome back to the program. >> good to be with you again, thanks, david. >> dave: are these the types of issue that you as a former congressman like to hear about? we've heard all about swiss bank accounts and outsourcing, something in bermuda, off shore accounts. is this what the american people and a former
8:09 am
congressman need to hear about? >> no, it's not. the public doesn't like these kind of adjectives, they seem to work. you can see when president obama has taken on mr. romney portraying him as a heartless republican, that believes in capitalism and is secretive about finances pulled ahead in the polls, but the overall issue is this right now, at the end of the day when a candidate back in 2008 who promised us that we wouldn't be red and blue, we'd come together as americans, how well is he going to be able to govern afterwards? and i think that's what the president has to keep his eye on. i think he has a fine record to run on. he salvaged the economy gave us health care and as far as foreign policy, rightfully ended the conflict in iraq and turned us toward the western pacific and china and i think at the end of the day his ratings will be hurt, particularly as the campaign edges focusing i would say almost misrepresenting the character of his opponent saying he was associated with a felony at sec.
8:10 am
that may be more harmful to america, he may win, but be harmful to us. >> dave: reminiscent of the swift boat attacks against john kerry and yesterday you had one of the president's spokes people say this, talking to a gaggle of reporter. of course the president wants a high brow despite about the policy issues and what american people actually care about. why then, congressman is he not running on the record you just spoke of? >> i think because he's been in charge of the economy for a while and although the economy, kept us from sinking, he's still the captain of the ship and you are responsible when you're captain of the ship where for it is today. and mr. romney tried to portray him as being responsible for basically not doing better. i understand that, now, look, the other side, trying it characterize mr. romney, look this goes both ways, mr. romney has portrayed the president as being leaderless
8:11 am
overseas. in fact, i thought he's been pretty darn tough overseas and the fact, look, i don't care if you're not going after the al-qaeda in your-- i'm coming in with drones and we are going to get them. my point is this, on the whole he's got good things to run on and i think he should characterize mr. romney as far as his positions that may not help middle class americans. that's all right. in the longer term, this president will be better for us, as mr. romney would be, if he ran, if he not just portrays his adversary as someone who is out of touch, but actually shows why he's in touch with what needs to be done with america. >> dave: that's why we love having you on the program. thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. >> great to be with you again, thanks. >> dave: coming up, tens of thousands of iranian agents reportedly planning attacks on the u.s. while hiding out in latin america. the disturbing details coming up. and and how about reading the
8:12 am
bible, and a brewski, some bars are doing just that. is that the way to spread the word? ♪ [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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8:15 am
>> a really fascinating story, now, with tensions mounting over iran's nuclear program. is the company preparing for war against the west or possibly even plotting terror attacks against the united states. right now, 40,000 iranian agents are said to be hiding out in latin america, gathering intelligence. how worried should the united states be about all of this? joining us now is a former cia operative in iran's revolutionary guard. the author of a time to betray, the astonishing life inside iran. we're keeping his identity
8:16 am
hidden and he joins us via satellite. nice to see you this morning. should we be concerned about what iran is doing in latin america. >> thanks so much for having me. yes of course we should. as long as the regime sees the revolution in iran, that's been expanding operation in latin america, and looking for places that have lack of security, and in the '80s, paraguay, brazil, argentina, and on on the center in buenos aires in 1994. we've been expanding that presence and they've got two major bases, intelligence operation bases out of bolivia and venezuela. and agents throughout the time have spread across latin america and collaborating with the drug cartel and through at
8:17 am
that collaboration, into mexico, which a good environment because of the doctoring war, and then from there, into america. and they are controlling a lot of facilities in latin america, such as islamic mosque, islamic cultural centers, foreign companies and through there they recruit and send back latin american orbegin back it iran and train them. and basically, a big, big, expansive operation, intelligence agents and assets, even-- >> let me ask you, because you mentioned venezuela as a major base of operations for them. president obama was asked about president chavez's concern here, whether or not the united states should be concerned. and here was president obama's response. the truth is we're always concerned about iran engaging
8:18 am
in destabilizing activity around the globe, but overall, you know, my sense is that what chavez has done over the last years has not had an impact with that. we need to be vigilent icht your concern hiding some clandestine things behind the scenes or concerned with the president's statement, are we doing enough to keep our eye on venezuela? >> well, it's just not calling iran, the regime in iran a rational regime. i'm very concerned, and chavez, and ahmadnejad signed an agreement between iran and venezuela, along with the military in venezuela are establishing a base in venezuela. there are some that that's almost complete and most
8:19 am
concerned for national security. always nice to have you on the show and we appreciate your insights into this, probably more than anyone else has. we appreciate you being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> clayton coming up on the show, he wracked up 32 first in debt and now he's teaching others the secrets. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thank youpoints to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions. rewarding you, every step of the way. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions. male spirit present.trong it's the priceline negotiator. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals.
8:20 am
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8:21 am
if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial.
8:22 am
>> if you're living paycheck to paycheck, we're about to give you the secrets to being wealthy. our next guest racked up more than 32,000 in the army. today he's debt-free and financiallien 0 track. joining us is certified financial planner, dollars of "uncommon sense, basic training for your money" steve great to have you here. >> good morning, alisyn, how are you. >> alisyn: i'm doing well. you were in $32,000 in credit
8:23 am
card debt and turned it around and the golden rule you want to share with our rulers, 10-10-80 plan. what's the 10-10-80 plan? >> you know, most people spend everything they make and save what's left over and skip only when necessary. and for you to have money, if you could think opposite of everyone else, that's how you have 10-10-80 rule. give away first 10%, save the next 10% and live off the rest and most people they're like how can i have more money if many' giving it away. it reconditions the way you think about money if you give, you receive and teaches you how to spend less. >> alisyn: it's a funny paradox and i say there are six common traits you found of the wealthy. let's go through those. they spend less than they make, that makes sense. they have little to no debt. and they save. why is that so hard? why are those three things so hard for most of us. >> a great quick question. people love to spend money
8:24 am
because it makes them feel good. and if you can sit there and learn how to spend will he is, have some discipline, some accountability, and have more money for, you know, in your bank. and people that have debt, i mean, they're just saddled with debt with the pressure and you know, this is a lot of money that you're wasting that you're sending to the bank that you should be paying yourself. >> i like your next step, have long-term plans for money. >> people buy stuff now because it makes them feel good. i've got to take some money and think about retirement or think about education for my kids, or for buying a house, we're so inundated with buy stuff now, and buy stuff now, we need to be thinking long-term with our money. >> don't let emotions cloud your judgment. what do you mean? if you see something you really want and buy it as an impulse purchase? >> that's a great, you know, a great example. or sitting there and have your
8:25 am
money invested and watching the stock market up and down and making emotional decisions based on the direction of the stock markets and you have to take your emotions and park them aside. >> alisyn: and last you say, start saving early or the wealth, the biggest wealth builders start saving early. how early? >> you can start saving when you're 18 years old. that's the best to start saving early. if you're 55, 65 years old. it's never too late to start saving, if you live 80 years old. that's 20 years of saving. never too late to start saving. >> alisyn: thanks for the basic training for your money. thanks for coming in with the advice. >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. >> alisyn: coming up, a middle east mistake, why team obama is doing damage control over a planned event to court jewish voters. and we are serving up sundays on the plaza. i'm going to make some. come on down to mid town. ♪ i just can't get enough. i just can't get enough ♪
8:26 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," time for your wrist shot of the morning. forget about minis, this grandma is winning body building competitions. >> 64-year-old ruby carter
8:30 am
pikes, winning multiple awards body building competition in atlanta, alisyn. >> alisyn: she beat out these girls, look at the poor pathetic specimens of womanhood. she calls herself a health expert and fitness guru and shows that age is only a number. we're all going to look like that after we eat our hot fudge sunways. >> for national ice cream day, is that the-- >> yes. >> and how can you be asking, it's my favorite holiday. i have sundaes, i'm going to make for you. >> dave: custom-made, a briggs sundae of some sort. >> clayton mine is going to be nutty. >> dave: it's got to be. >> alisyn: it is. all right. meanwhile, there's a faux pas e nor faux pas, first started with mitt romney's app, remember, they launched that app, ex0, missmelled america and the mitt romney camp
8:31 am
misspelled america in the app. check your typos before you send out important things, including the word israel, now, that team obama sent out and use some typo checking, it's not isreal. it's israel. >> alisyn: for real. >> dave: and jewish america for obama campaign, yeah, a bit of a-- unless you're going for isreal, keep it real. when you're really trying to solidify the jewish vote. >> alisyn: and there have been strange, actually relations with the obama campaign or the administration. so, that doesn't help. we thought we'd point that out, but i'm sure they're working on it now. >> clayton the obama campaign checked and america, and changed it from isreal to israel. >> be like us, never have any typos or any prompter problems. >> clayton oh, boy. >> alisyn: take a listen from us, all right. >> dave: we don't ever--
8:32 am
>> in the meantime. >> clayton and i'm trying to read your headlines, extreme weather alert for you, scary moments for people in virginia looking out the window and seeing this funnel cloud. a tornado confirms to have touched down into this county, bringing with it heavy wind and rain that even shook some homes. >> a clearing in the clouds, it was dark on both sides. and then when i looked at it again, it was just a -- i could tell it was swirling around, a tornado coming and i was getting pretty nervous. actually, the neighbors neighbor evacuated his family and we were going to do the same thing. >> alisyn: dozens of people in the county lost power, but luckily, no one was hurt and no homes seriously damaged. and resulting in a case of a missing ohio mother after a body is found in north carolina, just about 30 minutes away from where she was vacationing, that body has not yet been identified. and she was spending the 4th of july with her on again, off
8:33 am
again boyfriend nathan summerfield. he returned to ohio with the children, but affording to his brother he then confessed to strangling her before taking off again. he has not been found and call your local authorities if you know anything about him. and congratulations to the legally blind beauty queen we met yesterday. she made the top five in miss florida usa pageant and she shared her inspiring story. >> i really just take things as they come and i'm really easy going, as a challenge arises, i just step back and try to overcome it and luckily, i've just kept positive and i'm doing what i'm hoping to do. hoping to accomplish. >> alisyn: boss competed against nearly 75 contestants last night. the crown ended up going to michelle aguerri. >> and couldn't get your
8:34 am
headlines without-- with the romney and obama camp. >> alisyn: i'm keeping it real. she came in five. >> dave: reiick reichmuth outside, and hopefully near the ice cream truck. >> rick: a lot of people having to feed the sugar fix. happy birthday maggie, it's your 10th birthday. >> yes. >> rick: all you wanted to do is come to the big apple. >> yes. >> rick: let's take a look at the weather picture as you're waking up, today into the central plains, check it out. 106 in pierre, south carolina, 102 in bismark and if you go further south from there it's warm, but not so bad. very warm across areas of kansas and oklahoma and not that bad in arkansas, some shower activity. headed to the ohio valley not as bad either. however, all of that heat in
8:35 am
the northern plains to the east the next couple of days, get ready because the temps are on the rise. is it in the northeast today for your forecast? we'll add in showers and thunderstorms, spotty at times, not everybody is seeing a washout by any means, but with the thunderstorms, it's going to be a humid day. and the garden variety thunderstorms in parts of texas, mississippi, towards florida and again, know the a washout for everybody. the northern plains is where the heat is. parts of north dakota, could be severe weather later on this afternoon, maybe a few isolated thunderstorms and hail and wind and across the west, very great monsoonal moisture continues, especially across arizona and utah where we could see a little bit of isolated flooding and some of those thunderstorms, and warm in towards the interior valleys of california and getting up to 98 and portland, 71 and we'll see the showers and thunderstorms as well into areas of the far northern rockies.
8:36 am
all right, alisyn, this is looking good. and there's a big tub of ice cream. >> alisyn: i'm returning to my roots right now friendly's ice cream. and this is my first job. >> i heard that through the grapevine, a special surprise for you. >> alisyn: what? >> there folk fork lore in friendly's that you're the first person to eat more than serve to the customers. >> alisyn: true that. >> welcome back. >> alisyn: i'm honored to be donning the apron. when i was there it was blue and white checked. you have concocted sundaes for me and my co-hosts. >> today is national ice cream day. >> alisyn: my favorite holiday. >> and celebrating our 77th anniversary at friendly's and on july 21st, the celebration of that. we're actually going to be
8:37 am
giving away 77 cent ice cream cones and honor our 77th anniversary. >> alisyn: perfect. >> okay we want you to make a sawn dae. we did purchase. not only work for friendly's, but you spent some time in boston. >> alisyn: yes, i did. >> what we have in honor, the big day sundae, chocolate chip ice cream sundae and put some oreo crumbs on that for us. >> alisyn: of course i can. >> and chocolate syrup. >> alisyn: not hot fudge, you didn't bring hot fudge, you couldn't make it hot. >> we couldn't make it hot. our hot fudge formula is 60 years old. >> alisyn: it's so good. we make our own toppings and ice cream. have you done this in a while. >> alisyn: no, i haven't. >> i'll shake it up for you, see if you can do it. >> alisyn: it's like riding a bike, it comes back. [applause] >> don't forget the cherry. now, actually at friendly's we make every ingredient in our sundae except the cherry r, god makes the cherry.
8:38 am
>> alisyn: okay, this for me, the big dig sundae. what did you put together for clayton. >> we understand that clayton spent time in philadelphia. what we have for him is the philadelphia cheesecake sundae. and the cheesecake-- and your ice cream and we have cheesecake batter. >> alisyn: cheesecake batter? >> cheesecake batter. put that on. >> oh, my gosh. and then we have cheesecake bites, actual pieces of cheesecake. >> unbelievable. >> alisyn: now. >> the whipped topping. >> it's in the wrist i saw from alisyn. >> nicely done. >> wow. >> and we predicted for dave, for dave that there would be some nuts involved. >> yes, and for dave we know that dave is a denver broncos fan. >> and--
8:39 am
>> we have a new ice cream coming out in a couple of months. >> alisyn: what is it. >> sundae nut football. so in honor of that, we have the sundae nut football sundae for you. sundae nut football ice cream, some swiss chocolate topping if you put that on there. >> yeah. >> i'm just going to put a few pieces of chocolate on. >> this is going to get messy fast. >> actually the scoops of chocolate are footballs with peanut butter filling inside. >> dave: oh. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. >> dave: tiny footballs. >> alisyn: let's see it, not that, this, all right. >> and a cherry. >> oh, gosh. >> alisyn: all right. dave. >> very nice, and give it a shot, okay, let's everybody try their sundae. >> i've been eating half of it already, try it. >> outstanding. >> i know we're supposed to tell you what's coming up on the show, but our--
8:40 am
>> john, thank you so much for making our day. >> coming up. >> clayton thanks, guys. coming up on the show, a woman who lost-- a woman and four children lost their home because of foreclosure and we'll tell you about a bank mortgage mistake, it's a whole mistake and you'll hear about it coming up. >> dave: how about a brewski while reading the bible? yes, bars are hosting bible studies for sermons, we'll tell you about this and where it's happening when we come back. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. ♪
8:41 am
down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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8:43 am
. >> bibles and beers, what a combination and also a new trend that has religious on tap at are local bar. this is a good way to spread the word of god and joining us how is the owner of the drunk
8:44 am
monkey tavern, holds a live stream of sunday mass and bar owners for joining us is the fox news religion contributors father jonathan morris, great to see you both. joe, good to see you, in tulsa one of the nice former towns. and tell me what you're doing as related to the beers and bible as we mentioned? >> what we're doing we're video live streaming the celebration church in tulsa into the bar and big screen tv and small tv's and bring it in and bring the church to the people in the bar. >> dave: is drinking a part of the service. >> not really, if somebody orders a beer, that's fine. we probably haven't sold six or eight drinks the whole time we've done this. >> dave: how many people are there and why they choose to come to your bar rather than church. >> usually about a dozen people there and those people
8:45 am
are people who for one reason or not will know the go to church. from they find churches hypocritical or hands on and convert them on the spot or don't want to get dressed for church. >> this is father jonathan morris, congratulations, for bringing god to people wherever they are. would you also agree with me and dave and i were talking about this before, that this doesn't necessarily replace church services, that there is a role of going to worship god in a holy place, that's also important. would you agree with this? >> i would agree with that, we encourage people to go up to the church. >> dave: and father john, ask you, similar things with the catholic church has been doing theology on tap, as a general practice, how do you feel about this? >> a great idea. a few weeks ago i was in ireland with cardinal dolan and we did a town hall meeting
8:46 am
type thing, david, about, the question from the audience to cardinal dolan, and within the setting of a pub in ireland with traditional irish music and people loved it, it was a very casual environment, getting to know the cardinal in a setting comfortable for them. in church i think a prer place for reverence, quiet and encounter with the mysterious, with the sacred. and i think there's also a place and a time for a casualty setting to talk about the things that most mattered to us, to talk about our faith, to talk about our values and also ask the tough questions. and don't always get the feedback in a church and i hope nobody stands up in my service and gives me feedback during the homily, but it's great thing to have it done, theology on tap, with beer, it's all good. >> dave: is it spreading there
8:47 am
in tulsa. >> and we other bars in tulsa and across the country. >> dave: i love it. well, the drunk monkey is i believe in the glenn pool area of tulsa, great to see you, joe, thanks for being on the program and father jonathan, thanks for weighing in as well. let us know how you feel about beers and bibles trend on twitter at dave briggs tv. coming up the president says that mitt romney is the one on the attack and one says that he needs to be tougher. and locks changed and her belongings gone. a many with an and her children forced out of their home. and it was a mistake and she's here to tell about her foreclosure nightmare next. d s from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness,
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>> welcome back. did you know that if your home is up for foreclosure in some states, it does not have to be reviewed by a judge? there are nearly 36 like this, including georgia and makes for a lot of errors, as you can imagine. one woman is living through a nightmare after her mortgage was transferred from one company to another and she received a foreclosure notice and was locked out of her home, uprooting her family. joining us now is that woman, and her attorney and they both join us this morning, nice to see both of you this morning. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> so, how did a paper work error lead to you being kicked out of your home? >> exactly. i don't even know. i think that i just started getting notices in the mail after refinancing my home, and saying that i owe the bank of america and i'm paying my mortgage, i was paying my
8:52 am
mortgage to another mortgage company i was refinanced with so i was kind of shocked and everything. >> clayton charles, she's not your only case, to lock out the house, you stay her situation is unique why? >> hers is a little different because she got a double whammy. and her home was foreclosed on bank of america, a company that did not hold the mortgage and then do what is called a lockout, trashout. which basically they come in, without benefit of law and steal every bit of property in her house, change the locks and we have cases with both of those, one or the other, and tragically in her case, a classic example how totally out of control the mortgage foreclosure is in this country. >> you live with your four kids so you were out, the whole family was pushed out. here is what obama had to say
8:53 am
about this, we'll get you to respond. >> they said that bank of america did not receive information recording payoffs by some borrowers, as a result, some refinanced around that time remained inactive and bank of america is working to get the errors in the data corrected. what do you say to that? >> want me to respond? >> no, i'll have her and then you, charles. i would say that's untrue. they didn't -- had they had done their research correctly, i would not have been out of my home, i would be in my home today. >> what are you hoping to have happen? >> for some type of credit to be restored, some type of mental anguish, you know a lot happening since then, as far as my health and my-- just being out of a home, and a home that i paid my money
8:54 am
to, i felt robbed. and i gave my money to this company and they didn't do anything for me and to get thrown out, out of my home by another company that didn't even own the home in the first place. >> clayton yeah, charles, the final word. what can happen? can she get her home back and have her credit restored and her life back in order? >> well, i don't know if she'll ever get her life back in order. when these things it's a violation and shock to i call the victims. >> hopefully she can get some closure. right now, she is, believe it or not two foreclosures for the same house on her credit report and other payments are right on time. if i can respond quick, i know, bank of america is saying it was just a bookkeeping error, well, she had been calling them repeatedly. day after day. and telling them, look, i refinanced this house, you don't own the mortgage. it went on for months.
8:55 am
so, their story about a bookkeeping mix-up just didn't fly. >> well, guys, you know, we hope for the best and charles, please keep us up-to-date on the story. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> clayton and back on the show, another government agency throws a wild water. we'll tell you the story when we come back. a relaxing vaca. ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing. or, get some fresh air. but this summer, we used our thank youpoints to just hang out with a few friends in london. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou visa card. redeem the points you've earned to travel with no restrictions. rewarding you, every step of the way.
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at this moment, she wants to be in her own bed. i want to be back at school with my friends. i want to be outside playing. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit >> alisyn: good morning, it is sunday, july 15, i'm alisyn camerota. president obama says he's running to fight for the middle class. >> president barack obama: so we don't need more trickle-down economics. i believe in a middle-out economics. a bottom-up economics. >> alisyn: one democratic heavy weight says ordinary americans are in trouble. >> dave: teachers across the country forced to take pay freezes, some even losing their jobs. so, why are teachers' union bosses raking in the dough, making in some cases half a
8:59 am
million dollars a year. >> clayton: plus a group of veterans told to take down the stars and stripes from a bridge because it is a safety hazard. more on that flag fight, flap, straight ahead. >> alisyn: nicely done. >> clayton: you like that ill lit -- illiteration? "fox & friends," starts, right now. ♪ >> alisyn: i am so hopped up on is a cream sundaes now, i ate a jumbo mint chocolate chip sundae and i'm buzzed and in 15 minutes i will crash. tune in for that, if i were there. >> clayton: and she may be deceiving but she can put it way. a massive mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae. >> dave: good news, if you cash, we'll bring you up at 9:30,
9:00 am
because, we'll chaser sundae with another sundae. >> alisyn: i'm an equal opportunity sundae eater. i love it, it is all good, enjoy national ice cream day today. we'll kick it off with something else that is getting hot, the talk about politics, president obama not taking a indication it seems this year, maybe he will at some point but not heading off to martha's vineyard for the summer. he was in virginia, an important swing state that he won last niem arou time by a fairly slim margin and e he says he wants to fight for the middle class. >> president barack obama: we don't need more top-down economics. i believe in a middle-out economics. a bottom-up economics. i believe that when hard work and americans are doing well, everybody does well. [applause]. >> president barack obama: that has been our history. that has been the evidence.
9:01 am
that's why i ran for president to fight on behalf of the middle class and those who are striving to get into the middle class and that is why i am running for president of the united states. >> dave: mitt romney clearly want to fight for that middle class, there are citizen philosophies. bottom-up economy. describe how that works, because job creators tend to be at the top of the middle or the upper class and if the wealthy aren't doing well how do you construct an america where the middle class does well and, look, maybe part of the problem is, romney is allowing it to happen is he is letting the president craft a message while he sits on vacation himself. maybe not his best move while the president is in virginia. >> alisyn: there's a piece written by james carville, a top clinton advisor and sam greenberg, a top pollster and they say the middle class is
9:02 am
more in trouble than we know and they are -- they are in trouble and know it. they are holding on or slipping. they are dealing with unemployment in the family, the overhang of death debt and loss and any cushion in life. people are scared about the rising cost of college education. many of the retired are now looking for part-time work with salaries virtually frozen and prices rising and a trip to the grocery store produces near desperation and their points is where has the action again on this? now on the campaign trail, both candidates are talking about the middle class. where is the presidential commission to investigate in and the congressional outrage and the congressional commission to figure out what to do about the middle class. >> dave: now it is rhetoric. it was in '08 and the next three years but at least we are talking about the economy and not outsourcing and, swiss bank accounts and at least that is a move in the right direction. >> clayton: and if you watch the
9:03 am
ads you would think otherwise, perhaps and there is criticism he had on president obama for going on the attack on bain capital and what happened in those mysterious few years where mitt romney was allegedly working on the olympics, was he taking airplane flights back and secretly working for bain capital and getting a $100,000 paycheck and he says it's not me doing the attacks, it is mitt romney doing the attacks, listen: >> president barack obama: it's a simple message, the economy is not where it needs to be and it is obama's fault. that is their own message, they'll have variations on the theme but it is the same theme. >> clayton: he got it right, describing the ads, he said there will be ominous music and a guy's voice saying the economy is bad and pretty much nailed it... >> dave: as of now, july 15, president obama has out spent mitt romney on tv ads 4-1 and likes to play as if mitt romney
9:04 am
has the muffoney and 4-1, the president spent over $100 million in swing states alone on tv ads. >> alisyn: some people in the g.o.p. say mitt romney needs to speak out more vociferously against the attacks and shouldn't sit back and let the attack happen and say, i'm above it all. he should put up his dukes. scott walker, of course of wisconsin is calling on him to do more and, the president teams doesn't want to run on its record and, he says he has to be forceful about fighting back, talking about mitt romney. >> clayton: they are seeing often parties exchanges play books every few years and democrats stealing a page out of the republican play book in 2004 and the swift boat attacks against john kerry, who was defineded in that summer, the summer of definition, he was defined by the republicans before he defined himself and he was the rich guy, out of touch guy and, finally, finally,
9:05 am
whengs he decided when he decided to fight back, it was too late. >> dave: maybe mitt romney needs to learn from john kerry all the irony this political season you may have a point, needs not to let it define him on their terms but his. craft his own message. >> alisyn: do you think the slogan clayton had -- "the summer of definition", is it trending. >> clayton: maybe frank luntz can come up with one. definition summer. tweet us, if you have a better one. >> alisyn: an important "fox news alert." time may be running out for two americans who were kidnapped in egypt. the family of 61-year-old michelle lewis says he is diabetic and may need medical attention, he says on a missionary trip and an armed
9:06 am
gunman abduct him, and two others were also kidnapped. their abductor is a local egyptian, apparently, a man who is threatening to keep them captive, unless his uncle is released from prison. he says he may even take more hostages if his demands are not met. secretary of state hillary clinton will be arriving in israel later today. iran's growing nuclear threat is expected to play a large roam in talks with israeli leaders, following the visit to egypt where she met with the newly elected president, mohamed morsi and since the election, concern has risen about peace remaining between israel and egypt and, clinton pushi inin ining him to about the transition to democracy, the national institute of standards and technology is facing heat after holding a five day conference at a lavish resort miles away from disney world. it may have cost millions in taxpayer dollars, and florida representative sandy adams was provided documents detailing the expenses by whistleblowers and
9:07 am
is calling for a congressional investigation. >> this is what is wrong with washington. they think it is okay to have a very lavish convention, and at the taxpayers' expense. >> alisyn: the congress department has responded by saying it only cost taxpayers $671,000. those are your headlines. >> clayton: out to rick reichmuth who is inside now, and get him away from the ice cream truck. >> dave: we had to literally pull him... >> alisyn: he's there with a cone. >> clayton: he was hovering around like a vulture. >> rick: i did not touch it. >> clayton: you were, like, circling like a vulture. >> rick: not this early in the morning, come on, wait until 9:30. a category-2 hurricane, out in the pacific, it is hurricane fabio and, haven't talked much about the tropical depression, we have had a lot of activity in
9:08 am
the pacific, however we are headed towards a more active time of the atlantic hurricane season, the one we care about and we are at about july 15, right here, at kind of the end of the baseline before it spikes up. nothing is brewing now, at least for the next week but we expect to see the activity pick up as we head over the next couple of weeks. keep in mind heat at investigators are bill -- advisories, the northern plains dealing with a heat advisory and the heat is building across the areas of the east and parts of pennsylvania and philadelphia, areas of western new jersey and northern delaware. heat indices are going to be right around 100 to 105°. and that is going to be the next three days, more scattered showers and thunderstorms today across parts of the east, humid areas, and out across the west, more monsoonal moisture. >> clayton: did you say the hurricane's name is fabio?
9:09 am
>> rick: yes. >> clayton: long, flowing, blond locks. >> alisyn: with the advent of ebay and the internet, and craigslist you can now get tons of used stuff that is -- >> you should be. >> alisyn: but there is something you should not be. >> clayton: but there are -- let's start with the things you should always buy you have. if you have kids in the house, they tear through clothes in a month. you outgrew that. why spend all of this money and the top of the list, baby and maternity clothes. >> alisyn: always buy close used. because you keep growing out of them. if you are pregnant, every week you need new clothes. >> clayton: right. and look, let's be honest. >> dave: onesies, they were once or twice. >> clayton: food and all sorts of stuff on. >> alisyn: books, dvds, cd's and you can get those used, unlike... >> dave: cd's and dvds, i'm different there. they have scratches all over of them and, they skip... >> clayton: they are not even selling cd's at best buy anymore and are getting rid of dvds, who
9:10 am
is buying them anymore. >> alisyn: i was interested to read this. musical instruments, get those you have, they sound better. >> alisyn: a used oboe. >> dave: like the onesie, a kid has a six month urge to play the piano and they're out of it. >> clayton: that's a good point and they sound better when they are broken in. i bought my saxophone, it was used, years ago and it has feel to it. >> dave: there are some things you should only buy new. an obvious one, vacuum cleaners, they break like nobody's business, you have to buy it new or you will be fixing it every day. >> clayton: if this car seat sat in alisyn's car there is no way you want to buy a used car seat. >> dave: disgusting and they expire every five or six years. >> alisyn: i'm not sure it is legal to buy one, you have to make sure of the safety issues. shoes, okay. that makes sense and, makeup and
9:11 am
beauty products, you should not be buying those and swimsuits. >> dave: eww! >> alisyn: i didn't know that was an option. >> clayton: i buy all my speedos used. i don't see a problem with this at all. let us know what you think., the image firmly implanted in your head. >> alisyn: i bet it caught you during breakfast. >> dave: tis barack obama hauntd by the ghost of? art laffer coming up. >> alisyn: do you have control or do your children have control? your e-mails are pouring in, we'll share them, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ twist and shout ♪ come on, come on, come on ♪ baby on now ♪ work it on out ♪ work it on out... ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> clayton: welcome back.
9:15 am
the ghost of ronald reagan. haunting president obama. like obama, reagan faced an economic crisis when he took office in 1981 but instead of hikings taxes on the wealthiest americans, he actually cut income taxes on the highest earners from 70% to 28%. listen: >> those who do work are denied a fair return for their labor by a tax system which penalizes successful achievement and keeps us from maintaining full productivity. but, great as our tax burden is, it has not kept pace with public spending. >> clayton: president obama seems to be ignoring reagan's success by tying to do the exact opposite, taxing his way to an economic recovery, joining us is former advisor to president reagan, art laffer. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, clayton, how are you? >> clayton: i'm doing well. the argument from the left is under reagan the trickle-down economics didn't work. that it ended up leading to a recession under his successor,
9:16 am
george h. w. bush and, the president is talking about a middle-out economic recovery and taxing the wealthy, what do you say. >> the whole model is wrong that obama has, if i may say, go back to jack kennedy the middle class is not at war and there is no reason to fight for the middle class. we are you all in this tub toge, john kennedy said no american is better off by pulling a fellow american down and we are made better off when any one of us is made better off and, ended with the famous line, a rising tide raises all boats and ronald reagan used that line in his campaign, how do you bring them up, it's not old versus young, black versus white, male versus female and we are all americans and you need to bring the prosperity back to everyone, it is not a war but a partnership and you don't do that by attacking the people who provide
9:17 am
the jobs. >> clayton: you disagree with the tax proposal, here's president obama's tax proposal -- >> totally. >> clayton: we'll throw it on the screen, you can dive into the numbers, income over $380,000. it will go up to 39%. reagan did the opposite. >> it is rosie. you cannot tax an economy into prosperity. and to say it is eliminating the tax cut is nonsense. those taxes have been in place for ten years. this is not a temporary tax cut. these people are being selected out to being discriminated against because of their economic success, because they are doing just what we want everyone in america to do, be successful, have a good, high-paying job and be productive. it is the most wonderful group of people that they are going after, and after and after, and they wonder why the results are so bad. well, it is crazy. just crazy what he is doing. >> clayton: quickly, as an economist, the argument from the middle-out economics, you don't buy it? >> no. it is just wrong.
9:18 am
it is all-out economics. everyone needs to have a better playing field and better economy. you cannot love jobs and hate job creators. it is as simple as that. and he's attacking the job creator and wondering why there are no jobs. it is selly. not logical. it is classic mistakes of politicians. >> clayton: we'll see as we head into the election system. >> by the way, i have a... i have one suggestion for you on what you should buy old and new, by the way. >> go ahead. >> you should always buy used antiques. >> clayton: used antiques. yes, it is very hard to get new antiques, though some stores... >> there you go! >> clayton: that is why we have you on, art. the genius! coming up next, a run done, while teachers across the country are forced to take a pay freeze as union bosses rake in the dough to the tune of a half million dollars a year and a group of veterans told to take down the stars and stripes from a bridge because it is a safety hazard.
9:19 am
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>> alisyn: public school teachers across the country are dealing with pay freezes and possible layoffs. the heads of the two teachers unions are making big bank. each hauling in nearly half a million dollars a year while the average teacher's salary is about 3,000, $4,000. joining us to talk about this is wisconsin public school teacher christie lacroix. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me night i don't have to tell you, you are in wisconsin and you know what a battle it has been for public
9:23 am
school teachers, who are facing pay freezes and, facing possible layoffs, so, what did you think when you heard how much the heads of the teachers union were making in salary, almost half a million dollars? >> actually i wasn't surprised. i have known this for a few years. it is that recently, the public has been made aware of what is going on and so it doesn't surprise me. i have no issue with people making however much money as a ceo of a company, if they make half a million dollars a year that is completely fine and they are held accountable to their stake holders and with public sector unions the money is mandated and nobody holds union bosses accountable and they create a wall between themselves and the members, the teachers, and try to say the teachers are treated unprofessionally and are the middle class and what they are really doing is trying to make sure teachers are seen and treated as laborers as opposed to professionals to main main
9:24 am
te -- maintain their relevancy. there is nobody who will tell them know. >> alisyn: the president of the american federation of teachers was featureded in the film, waiting for superman, he made almost half a million dollars with benefits and stipends and her pay was $493,0895 and he sad i and the other two atf managers took a voluntary pay freeze, because no one knows better than we do the economic distress our members are experiencing unlike in the corporate sector all of my salary, benefits and xek expenses are fully disclosed and she took a pay freeze at the $493 million ma-- $493,000 mark >> alisyn: if she truly
9:25 am
understands what her members are feeling, reduce the union dues. i pay $103 a month, i'm forced to pay into the union. cut that in half and it will be grocery shopping for me and filling up my tank, so, to me it is rhetoric and it is kind of running scared. because now the spotlight is being shined on what is going on with the unions and they should be afraid. >> alisyn: now, i'm sure the heads of the unions, i'm sure what they would say is they deserve the salaries, every day they are out there in the public, limelight, they are taking the heat an advocating for you, on your behalf and are trying to keep governors like scott walker from laying off teachers. so, does that entitle them to ten times the amount that an average teacher makes? >> no, and i don't remember ever receiving a sheet asking me what my thoughts were on that. and i can promise you, you will not find a teacher outside of the inner circle of the unions that was ever asked, because, to be honest, i don't see any returns coming from the union,
9:26 am
other than them getting fatter and richer. >> alisyn: you are a wisconsin public school teacher and we really appreciate you coming in with your perspective on this. >> i appreciate you having me. thank you. >> alisyn: thank you, coming up, a strip club has set up shop right in a convent's backyard and the nuns are, well, upset. we'll hear from one of the sisters fighting her new neighbors and who calls the shots in your car, do you or your children control? your e-mails are pouring in. we'll share those, next. ♪ ♪ i sweet little thing called love ♪ ♪ this thing called love ♪ it cries like a baby in a cradle all night...♪ [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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♪ >> dave: the ice cream man, anticipate national ice cream day. baskin robbins, handing out tasty treats. for the rest of the program. >> alisyn: this is good news, because my mint chocolate chip sundae just wore off. i ate it 20 minutes ago, a massive chocolate sundae and now i'm ready for my next one. >> dave: you ate the whole thing. >> alisyn: the whole thing. i couldn't stop, because i planned to stop but it was so delicious. >> clayton: let me tell you
9:31 am
about the twitter sweepstakes, all right. baskin robbins is holding twitter sweepstakes, you have a chance to win baskin robbins gift cards and carville's is giving away ice cream cones, all day today at participating locations. get your ice cream all day today. >> alisyn: i'll need it, every hour on the hour. fantastic. the ice cream man cometh. fantastic. >> clayton: now that you are recovered, i know you crashed from your ice cream. >> alisyn: i am crashing. >> clayton: can you do the headlines for us. >> alisyn: i'll try. here we go... here are your headlines: a big voting change for the nation's largest swing state. the department of homeland security now granting florida election officials access to a federal database of illegal immigrants living in the area. the state will use the list to monitor and catch noncitizens who they say may try to vote this election season. the obama administration had denied florida's request for the
9:32 am
database for months. but, finally gave in after a judge ruled in the state's favor. colorado and other states now asking for similar access before november. disturbing developments of kids who have been missing, a ohio mother, after a body was found in north carolina. just 30 minutes away from her she was vacationing. the body has not been identified. she was spending the fourth of july holiday with her on-again, off-again boyfriend nathan summerfield and he returned to ohio with the kids but according to his brother confessed to strangling her before taking off again, authorities are still trying to track him down. he's a fugitive and call your local authorities. it is called an ungodly combination, a strip club built in the backyard of a convent in illinois. the sister -- bless you -- is a at the st. charles convent and joined us earlier on "fox &
9:33 am
friends" to express her concerns. >> as a community we have been fighting for the closing of the club to make sure it doesn't e open and it tears at the fabric of our community and it goes against everything that we stand for, as religious women. >> alisyn: state law prohibits strip clubs from going up near religious institutions, however, local city rules do not, and a nonprofit legal organization is now considering filing a lawsuit on the convent's behalf. after constant reminders to make a tricky path to your e-mail people make the same mistakes, the yahoo! breach, come on people, sent people into a tizzy, 440,000 accounts, alisyn, can you believe this? and slovakia i.t. partners released their list of the most common passwords used by these accounts. the most common one, was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. >> alisyn: that is a tricky one.
9:34 am
>> clayton: this was the password used for over 1600 different accounts on the list and the word password. people using the word "password" 780 account and the third, "welcome" used by 436. if these are your passwords and on the list there were passwords with two characters. like im or i.t. >> dave: you would never guess that. >> clayton: talk about the lowest level of encryption, possible. come on, people. >> alisyn: you heard it here. >> dave: dads, if you are watching this morning you know what it is like to lose control of your automobile. that place that used to be a manly place, a clean place, where you got to pick the music and control the conversation and keep the movies off and the snacks out. we have lost that, no longer. turn around now and you get 18 car seats built like captain's
9:35 am
chairs and goldfish and ritz bits and capri sun... and dvd players. >> clayton: where dave used to go down the road by himself, listen to hannah montana, the kids are driving it with the music in the back and dvds and "kung fu panda" playing. >> alisyn: on a loop. >> dave: "kung fu panda"-2 is in mine and capri susan and goldfish and ritz bits and capri sun. >> alisyn: and hers your man mobile. >> clayton: before the kids came along. back seat filled with car seats and toys and books and dried milk. >> dave: you are a mess, too. >> alisyn: you're in the driver's seat. >> clayton: and my wife says it is you, more than the kids, plugs and electrical gadgets. >> alisyn: it comes from a funny article by our friend, dan zemin, one who wrote "dan gets a
9:36 am
m minivan" and this is andy in north carolina. don't worry, the kids grow up and then you can do what i did and sell the minivan for this. nice going, andy! a little sports car there. tooling around in. >> clayton: here's aaron, before kids my cars were in spotless condition and today, they floors could pass for a floor in the cereal factory. where did we lose control? >> alisyn: in the back seat. >> dave: in texas, our kids are now adults but i still have one named sasha, the pickup has no seats, no skittles but a harness, beach towel and a couple of bones, chew toys and rubber balls, many of our cars have turned into that, a daycare center and a buffet, on wheels. >> alisyn: a smorgasbord. >> clayton: all right, e-mail us, fsweekend on twitter. and, rick reichmuth is celebrating national ice cream
9:37 am
day. >> rick: impressive, we had the baskin robbins people and the carvel people, and, before the baskin robbins' women kicked these guys' butts. the weather picture, as you wake up this morning, look what happened across areas of the four corners, arizona, over the last 24 hours, really heavy rain falling across there, this is monsoon activity and is great news and look at the video coming out of arizona, on the border, along the colorado river between arizona and california. we have the video, we can show -- there you go, very heavy rain falling across dry land and the water can't soak up that quickly and causes this kind of flooding and obviously you don't like to see that but if you are from the area you are accustomed to it and love to get the rain and there will be more today. let's look at your forecast into the northeast, we will have scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up, especially in the afternoon, it will be a warm one and very muggy, get ready, it gets hotter tomorrow, down to the southeast, where we also have some of those scattered showers and
9:38 am
thunderstorms. but, if you want really the high temperatures, and no rain, you don't want that but in the northern plains, temps into the triple digits. unfortunately, very hot, uncomfortable day and, no significant rain, especially where all the drought is going on. all right, guys, i'm sure there will be ice cream for you in a second. get out here. >> alisyn: if you don't eat it all. >> clayton: thanks, rick. a fight over the stars and stripes, veterans told to take down an american flag that has been sitting on a bridge for years, because it is a safety hazard, more on the flag fight coming up. >> dave: and the other thing we were showing you, hot new duo taking country music by storm, a live performance by cold water jane. next. ♪ ♪ free bird ♪ dreamer... [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds,
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>> dave: you see them all dloifr, flags on bridges honoring soldiers and this
9:42 am
country, and now one area of minnesota is told those flags have got to go. members of the palmer lake vfw posted the star-spangled banner on the town's overpasses for the past 8 years, and are just being told by the minnesota department of transportation that it is against the law. joining us now is the former commander of the palmer lake vfw and current commander of minnesota's department of the vfw. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, sir. >> dave: they told you to take these down and you called for an explanation and said, can you make an exception for the american flag and you were astonished with their response, what was it? >> actually that we have freedom to fly anything and if we are to fly the american flag, what if someone came and asked them to fly the iraqi flag. >> >> dave: what did you say. >> i almost dropped the phone and thought it was outrageous and wanted to respond, i'm sure if i went to iraq i would be
9:43 am
allowed to fly the flag anywhere i wanted to, but apparently in america we can't fly ours. >> dave: astishing you would compare it to the iraqi flag, the minnesota department of transportation says it has nothing to do with the american flag but has to do with objects being placed on this bridge and we have to look out for the motorists' safety, that is our number one concern. what do you think about the statement? do you buy it. >> they do not, they've never at any point in our discussion raised anything about fety. there has never been a safety issue, the 8 years those flags have flown. >> dave: and they say perhaps they could come loose and some type of structure could fall and hit a driver? is that what they are drying to convince you of at this point. >> apparently so but i notice no engineer from the department of taps ever went out an viewed the brackets and viewed how they are attached and have no idea how we have done that. >> dave: it isn't just an kepgs
9:44 am
but it is happening all over the country. why do you think it is happening in more cities than your own, and why are people asking to take down or american flag? >> that is a very serious question. and, something that troubles me deeply. apparently, we have lost the love for our country and our flag, apparently we have forgotten that this is the united states of america. we are not a united country in the world, this is america, we should be free. to fly our flag anywhere we want to fly it. >> dave: what does the flag mean to you? night means everything. my father is a first generation american. he came to this country, he taught me love for that flag. i have had friends of mine that have died under that flag. and, believe they were fighting for that freedom. the whole part of what our flag means to us, was demonstrated 200 years ago when sir francis scott key wrote our national anthem, standing at the bulwark of the battleship, all night
9:45 am
long the british pummeled fort mchenry and patriots were dying and the british commander said all you have to do is take down that flag and i will stop this carnage. those patriots refused to take down the flag. continually people were dying. patriots would pick up where those people had fallen. and would take the flag and made sure that that flag flew all night. it is amazing to me that so many people died to raise the flag then. now, we have a bureaucrat that says you have to take the flag down. not a shot has been fired. i wonder what they would have thought. >> dave: at the bottom of your screen we're telling viewers there is a rally on the bridge, july 22nd. what is the plan and how can people join you. >> anybody that wants to come out with an american flag and, only an american flag, and, parade across that bridge as long as they could do not obstruct traffic and obey the laws, this is a very peaceful way we have a right in america
9:46 am
to show our support for what we are doing. >> dave: from the vfw, thanks for joining us and let us know how it goes. >> thank you, sir. >> dave: appreciate it. coming up, they are singing sisters and they are here to perform their newest song, to hit country charts, cold water jane, performing for us, next. ♪ patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther.
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9:49 am
>> clayton: welcome back, quick headlines for you, look at this video out of china. driver, checking tires on a truck when this happens. it explodes without warning. knocks him off of his feet and he's doing okay. they think the hot weather combined with the truck's heavy load trigged the explosion. and steve nash is given a beer
9:50 am
while driving down the los angeles freeway and nash responded, this is him with the video. and handed him a beer out the window and he grabbed it and said it was pretty good. keystone light. i don't know if there is a driving law violated in the video. we'll get to the bottom of it, alisyn. >> alisyn: i think, programs. these sisters or one of country music's hottest music duos, cold water jane, will perform a new song, as long as your mind. fun to listening to you guys, your voices are beautiful. >> thank you. >> alisyn: we call you a new duo though you point out you have been sisters your whole life. >> yes, we are new to the people watching and we're fine with that. >> you make a good point and you said all of your songs are about you guys. you draw from your real life and we'll hear as long as you are mine. what is that about. >> in the past year i became a foster parent, so that is kind
9:51 am
of about, you're not ever sure how long they will be with you. >> alisyn: sweet, copy wait to hear it and you are about to have a child... you look svelte in your black dress. >> thank you. >> alisyn: you are 7 months pregnant. >> yes. >> alisyn: you have been a trooper to get here so early. >> i'm happy to be here, my baby is making its television debut today. >> alisyn: okay. we'd love to hear the song, why don't you guys take it away. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪
9:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪
9:54 am
♪ ♪ [applause] oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereais...
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>> clayton: thanks for joining us, tomorrow on the show, have you heard of this guy, running for student council. join us for the "after the show" show. >> alisyn: and massachusetts senator scott brown will be here and tune in for the "after the show" show. >> clayton: happy national ice cream day. >> jamie: good morning, a "fox news alert" for you. iran is threatening world supply of oil, the u.s. is taking this one very seriously. the rogue reggie regime saying it will block the gateway to the gulf and a narrow waterway known that's strait of hormuz and tehran says it will act if it feels its security is threatened. what does that mean? good morning, everyone i'm jamie colby, great to have you here. >> eric: i'm eric sean on this sunday morning, welcome to america's news headquarters. we know the strait of hormuz is a vital waterway, about 20%, 1/5 of the world's oil supply passes through the narrow strait.
9:59 am
the lifeblood of many nations. now iran again vowing to increase its naval presence in international waters and even claiming it is developing a long range missile that some fear would could one day hit though united states. what does all the escalating threats and continued defiance by tehran mean? joining us as he does every sunday about this time is fox news contributor and former ambassador to the united nations: john bolton. ambassador, good morning. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: we always discuss iran, usually every sunday and now the escalations are continuing. can they close the strait of hormuz? >> well i think they could close it for a very short period of time. but, our military has gained -- gamed this out over the years and feel confident they could reopen it in a short period of time and are moving resources to the region, right now, and in preparation for a possible closure. but i think, really what is going on here is that iran is sabre-rattling for a couple
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